Media Hypocrisy: trumped up coverage

For weeks the media has ranted about Donald’s media attention and the air time he’s gotten. Ted Cruz complains again about the media coverage of Trump.

Candidates have long complained. But for the lack of coverage on their own campaigns, they would be soaring in the polls. With lack of proof they just assert it as true.

Now the media has turned its eye on itself, or so they suggest. They question the amount of airtime awarded to Trump. They display charts to show the millions of dollars in free time they’ve collectively given Trump. But then they also want to blame him for it too, as if they’ve been had, hoodwinked, coerced into it. So they are sounding the bell that they’ve been manipulated or duped, against their will. Anyone knows what a crock that is. Media shows and puts on what they want to — they decide. However, I’m not saying the motives of media here was to build Trump up. They assumed it would be to his demise to lavish him with their coverage. Coverage that is anything but fair and all about imbalance.

Daily News

Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign has received the equivalent of $1.9 billion in free advertising, due to the unprecedented media attention surrounding the outspoken billionaire, a bombshell report released Tuesday claimed.

Then New York Times tracked it to Trump getting 1.9 billion in free time, stating: “Mr. Trump earned $400 million worth of free media last month, about what John McCain spent on his entire 2008 presidential campaign.”

A quick look down memory lane shows what media can do. Media took an obscure Chicago man and heaped praise and media attention on him, and turned him into a superstar — almost immediately. One key-note convention speech in 04 and he was off and running for president under the media’s complicit coverage. Free airtime or coverage anyone? Even Hillary struggled for less than equal time. It was not only media attention but the type of coverage they showered on him. Did they hold him accountable? On the contrary, they ran interference for him. They clouded his past relationships and ignored basic reality.The line between a candidate’s campaign and media was blurred into non-existence.

IBT — again on Trumped up coverage

“The great irony — and one that Trump is almost certainly aware of — is that the same “disgusting” media has made his entire presidential campaign possible, on the cheap. While other candidates pay big bucks for airtime, Trump scores free media day after day: He gives out interviews like candy, calls into news studios, no matter the hour, and steals the show at every debate.”

Along comes Trump and media in unison cries fowl. It seems to them they’ve been masterfully manipulated from on high. He’s been called a con-man by other candidates and media alike. The all-powerful seeing eye of the media has been duped and used. They are victims. Their bottom lines have been held hostage against them. How dare Donald Trump commit such a vulgar offense against them, rendering them abused victims? When has media been taken advantage of on such a massive scale? Pitiful.

Of course, just look at their contemptible coverage on Obama. He still commands the huge media spotlight whenever he wants it. He doles out interviews like rewards. But media is hardly hostile or very critical of Obama. That coverage may not be as popular as Trump, but it doesn’t stop their gushing over him. It never did. Now they see Trump as offeder-in-chief and themselves as damsels in distress screaming from the balcony.

Media frets over free airtime afforded to Trump, whereas they actively elevated and promoted Obama from their newsrooms. But there is no shame in media.

RightRing | Bullright

14 comments on “Media Hypocrisy: trumped up coverage

  1. […] Media Hypocrisy: trumped up coverage […]


  2. LOL! Bull. The poor media, they’re being used. The media makes me ill.

    All they do is surround Trump with coverage so they can afterwards give him a lot of crap and criticism. They are not hood winked into giving him this free air time. All they have to do is stop covering him. But they can’t allow themselves to do that. They must find some way to stop him, just as the elites in the GOPe are doing.

    As far as Obama, they did nothing but worship him and never once questioned anything about him. They covered his dirty past and pushed him on voters.

    They always have a double standard for supporting leftist candidates and flaying those on the right. It’s no wonder we never get a right leaning president anymore.

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    • Bullright says:

      I agree, it is like some Vaudeville act they are doing. Do the coverage so they can attack and harp about it.

      Do they ever have their double standards. The worst part is seeing them play the victims. It is no wonder we can’t seem to get ahead at elections. Then we see what goes on in the Left and they just spin right on by that.

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      • Ha, ha, one of the things the media is never victims. But they sure know how to make someone a victim, then after they’ve harped on that particular Repub, then they kick them when they’re down. I’m recalling all the stuff they’ve lied about with trump. And repeating it over and over again, like the KKK thing. Makes me livid.

        it’s really hard for any conservative to win anymore because of these media liars. But for the dem/commies who they fawn over it’s a different story.

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  3. Bullright says:

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  4. Bull, did you hear Cruz on Fox this morning? More air time again for him. And they asked him about winning New York and he said he can. Wow! Is he ever delusional or what? He also said he’s going to win because everyone is uniting behind him. Then he says “Jeb Bush” endorsed him. LOL! Now that should get him a big fat ZERO! We conservatives are just so impressed with Jeb, NOT!

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  5. Hardnox says:

    These whores just couldn’t resist covering Trump for fear they may lose a pennies’ worth of ratings now the assholes are vying for a check they will never receive. Bwahahaha.


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