Trump’s operational tactics explained

Maybe not completely but here is an outline in sort of fighter pilot jargon.

Okay, so what is a loop and how does it benefit Trump? This is from Politico Magazine. I think he described it nicely.

The Fighter-Jock Doctrine That Explains Why Trump Is Winning

It’s called the OODA loop, and it keeps him ahead of everyone.

By Jack Shafer – March 23, 2016 | Politico Magazine

Who was the first candidate for president to comment on the Brussels bombing Tuesday? Who issued the most assertive, saber-rattling denunciations on the morning shows, making the rest of the field look timid? Of course, Mr. First was Donald Trump, whose verbal fleetness and willingness to talk to almost any reporter at almost any time of the day about almost any topic have made him the pacesetter this election year.

According to MSNBC, Hillary Clinton declined interview requests yesterday “until she saw that Trump was calling in to morning news shows,” and then went on the air to criticize him, although not by name. By diving in so late, Clinton was reduced to replowing a field that Trump had already turned. Like the Republican candidates before her, Clinton was already caught inside Trump’s OODA loop.

OODA loop? What’s that? I had never heard of the OODA loop until Wednesday morning, when one of my editors, Blake Hounshell, introduced me to the concept.

Who before Trump convinced TV hosts to accept lengthy phone-ins from a candidate? […/]

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Hillary can’t catch up to Trump. Of course she couldn’t, whether she’d even try.

That was a big part of Romney’s problem, he just didn’t have the skill to actively respond. Often he calculated and ended up in the next news cycle before he did. And even then it was filtered through advisers and staff. It was a bureaucratic approach to a personalized message. And Hillary, we know how she functions — never mind the scripted code.

4 comments on “Trump’s operational tactics explained

  1. the unit says:

    Ahooga! We getting to OODA Loop running circles around Alinsky’s Rules.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Davetherave says:

    Good piece Bull and I think Politico is dead on. Seems Trump always sets the pace, tone and direction. Others always follow usually with nothing more than stating ‘Trump is wrong’. (That’s real insightful) I think Trump illustrates being real to whom he is and the others waiting on their speech writers.

    Do I always agree with Trump? Nope, but he just doesn’t seem phony like all the others. Rather refreshing in politics.

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    • Bullright says:

      They did call this one pretty well. He’s owning the zone. He’s become the measuring stick. It may not always be agreeable but he gets his point across.

      LOL real insightful, he’s wrong. It sure is different from anything before it. I think it makes others compete all the harder too. Some of them can’t. There is a refreshing uncommon thing about it.



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