Camp Cruz attacks on Trump’s wife

When did the attacks on Trump’s wife start? Somewhere around March 8, right before the primary, and here is the video showing it

Texas lobbyist, Andrea McWilliams delivers the goods on Cavuto FBN. (video)
Slippery slime. (@ 4 min mark)

Sea also Gateway Pundit
Nice. Cruz Supporter Trashes Melania Trump for Posing Nude as Model

Then along comes Romney who can’t resist partaking in the attack of Melania Trump. At a dinner for the Republican Congressional Committee he let fly a gutter remark joke about Trump’s wife. Seem like a coordinated effort? Then Ted says about the Utah attack ad that it didn’t come from his campaign. But he couldn’t condemn the ad or the comments about Melania.

Right, the same guy who cried about cartoonists characterizing his children, which everyone condemned. Now Cruz claims he is being attacked, and the chief victim, by Trump’s response. But this is just politics to Cruz. He also could not stand up to the protestors who are trying to silence Trump at rallies — he condemned Trump. No, the cat got Cruz’s tongue, he can’t even condemn an ad by a pac supporting him.

Then when Ted responded to Trump’s response to the attacks, Ted calls him a coward using a movie quote. He really has a thing for movie lines and scripts. Too bad he doesn’t have a thing for doing the right thing. It took some time, after this recent incident, before Cruz admitted the ad was inappropriate, though it was used and he himself was the beneficiary. It’s been a part of his campaign since at least March 8th. Where was Ted?

Now Ted says, “I don’t make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family,” Who attacked his wife or family? Oh, Cruz is the victim? Sorry Ted, it’s your campaign doing personal attacks on your opponent’s family. Right, the Ted who claimed he(his campaign) does not do personal attacks, staying on the issues. What issues are these? Note campaign Cruz is talking about Melania being a foreign born while Ted was foreign-born in Canada. (someone memo McWilliams) Crisp hypocrisy.

Just cheap suits and cheap movie lines.

15 comments on “Camp Cruz attacks on Trump’s wife

  1. Oh, give me a break. So what if Melania posed for GQ. This is smear tactics by Romney and Cruz.

    Melania is a model for bloody sake. And I have no problem with her being our first Lady. She’s beautiful, classy, has a great brain, and is a woman unto herself. She’s a strong woman not a weak one as Cruz implied Trump is afraid of women who are strong. He is so wrong about that.

    That woman on the video needs to be horse whipped for her bigotry. What is she a holy roller who never has seen a model posing almost nude? And I find that these so called Christians who are for Cruz are as mean and nasty as he is.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, nicely said. I figured you meant Cruz in that last line, indeed they are as nasty. I was just reading some of them. But I don’t get this Trump is afraid of strong women. Where does that come from? I agree, I almost don’t want to post about it but its so blown up already by Cruz people all over.

      His people have been talking about this stuff and, as usual, trust-ted keeps silent like on the protest violence at rallies. I was reading Amanda Carpenter saying similar stuff how Mormons will not accept this or that. She speaks for Mormons?

      Yes, they are also making lists of Trump supporters, Just like this woman, viscous stuff and so was that ad. Romney just topped the cake though. Amanda said she never saw this many people that had to get security to protect themselves from Trump people. It’s getting pretty ridiculous. .

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      • Oh yeah I did mean Cruz. I guess I was tired when I wrote that. I think that thing about Trump doesn’t like strong women comes from his “young” wives, bu they are not bimbos. As I told you Melania did a great job in that interview with Greta. She’s smart, has her own business, and doesn’t take anything off Trump, but they don’t even try to do that as a couple.

        I don’t know how that Amanda person comes off as knowing Mormons but it seems they didn’t like that pic of Melania. What a sleazy way to get them to vote for Cruz, the unholy saint

        I saw a black cop on NewsmaxTV last night and he said the protesters were vicious, that he never saw anything like it and that none of the Trump rally people were like that at all. All this lying going on is. So why wouldn’t Trump call Cruz, lying Ted.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, you know, it’s funny how Melania is lost as a victim. The emphasis is on Ted.

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  2. Right, she was the victim of vicious attacks by the Cruz PAC and now it’s like nothing was done to her. I feel sorry for her and the image these people tried to make of her And bringing up something she did so long ago. But as you say there is no sympathy for her. Same old stuff. Attack Trump’s wife and then blame him for the ensuing battle, like he started it.

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  3. Hardnox says:

    A guilty dog barks the loudest. I’m left thinking that Cruz might be that dog.

    Additionally, the revelations from the National Enquirer story about Cruz’s infidelities may end up being problematic since the women have all chosen to obtain lawyers. There’s more to this story.

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