How a North American Union is born

Ted Cruz – Wolf in Sheep Clothing!!!

So what all does that mean to Ted Cruz? He was a part of it. Yet what Cruz really is concerned about is some campaign donations Trump gave to Hillary, or others.

Well, Ted’s yet to address it. Remember Rick Perry pushed the NAFTA super highway, or Trans-Texas Corridor, despite the overwhelming will of Texas people. (or many others)

Under the auspices of SPP we were told shut up our disagreement, and don’t worry about it. Vincente Fox made that prediction then, and who is the big opponent to our border security, control now? Who has taken to the airwaves to filibuster talk shows to call Trump every name in the book, while castigating all Americans who entertain his ideas?

But it all has only gotten worse with every year, hasn’t it? Still no explanations from principle characters. ‘Sit down and shut up!’

Oh, Cruz did suggest Heidi’s CFR involvement was under some guise of resisting this attempt while her name is right on the report as one of the architects. She really delivered then, didn’t she? Ted should have some ‘splaining to do.

And watch Hillary distance herself from NAFTA.

No, not a bad April Fools’ joke

8 comments on “How a North American Union is born

  1. Just Gene says:

    Moving forward to be the EU which is in the toilet – onward non-Christian soldiers.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Oh yeah, the One World Order LyingTed! i wonder how come he’s not been asked about this? The media leaves Cruz alone since they are sooooooooo busy bashing Trump constantly. And you would think since Cruz is winning over Trump in Wisconsin that he’s won the whole shebang. The news has been very difficult to watch lately. All I hear is Trump did this bad thing, he said this bad thing, his run is over, he’s toast, women don’t like him, on and on.

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    • Bullright says:

      No crickets even chirping. Or maybe they’re saving everything for a general?

      Boy, does he act like a winner. I was just listening to an interview tonight. I guess his perception is supposed to be reality. They’ve made a week of bashing him now. Cruz was saying he’s getting it too. Really, where? For a freshman 2 and a half year Senator, known for a filibuster, they’re granting him WIDE berth. News has become the depressing cycle.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        One does wonder if he’ll get blasted if he wins nomination. I’m sure Hill will have her hatchet men do all the research possible but she only concentrates on Trump right now which shows you that she is very afraid of him. Ha, ha, when everyone should be very afraid of her.

        Right Cruz acts like he’s the winner now because he’ll probably win Wisconsin. Big deal You’d think he didn’t have to win another state, that he’s got the nomination already.

        I’ve never heard anyone ask him what his accomplishments are, which are zero.

        Yes it’s been extremely depressing watching the news. I think I’ll watch very little now to keep myself sane.


    • Bullright says:

      Thanks for link. It’s clear, they want him out of the race. I think it is far from over yet. But at some point all this negative news stuff has to take a toll, too. It’s only been a testament to his strength so far. But the media are creatures of persistence. I’m thinking he’ll undo some of the damage. Will it help, I dunno.

      They still haven’t been able to keep his finger off the pulse of what’s going on. Even nuclear now. I’m sure it disappoints them that he doesn’t apologize every day until he stops running.

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