Putin puttin’ on the ritz

Documents leaked from Panama display offshore wealth of VIPs

Leaked Panama Docs: Putin Has Vast Offshore Wealth

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has called on his citizens to bring all their offshore wealth back into the country, but he has sat least $2 billion in wealth squirreled away overseas, The Guardian reports.


Somehow the top name on the list of interest is Putin. The guy who claimed his income in 2013 was 102,000. Putin charged then, “It’s simply rubbish. They picked everything out of someone’s nose and smeared it on their little papers.”

The Panama documents include 2 billion tied to Putin, among others.

More http://www.theguardian.com/news/2016/apr/03/panama-papers-money-hidden-offshore

But then this would come as a surprise to who?

6 comments on “Putin puttin’ on the ritz

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull I stil can’t put likes on WP article. I can’t figure out wth is wrong,

    Anyway I saw this story on NewsmaxTV tonight and it’s going to get much, much bigger if journalists truly do their investigative work. This first leak comes out of only “one” lawyer’s” files. There are many more firms like this in Panama who do the very same thing.

    I believe that there will be leaders from all over the world and other politicians who are doing this besides Putin.

    What do ya want to guess our Obama is in on this?

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