Story from student studying abroad

Voices: Why I’m embarrassed to be an American while studying abroad

By Alexandra Villarreal, Columbia University April 5, 2016 | USA Today (Please see)

I may have come to some of the same conclusions in my dorm room in New York City as I have in Madrid, but I don’t think I would have come to all of them. I’ve gleaned a lot from talking to my Spanish friends about politics, from being around internationals, and from seeing our global weight on every street, where Starbucks and McDonald’s line every corner. And I’ve learned that people don’t necessarily respect the United States, and that their opposition to our nation may be well-founded.

More at USA Today

And before you wonder about her political philosophy, note the Columbia U. Sounds like another liberal trying to come to grips with reality, if you ask me. That can be a very dangerous proposition. Sorry for the necessary speculation.

Welcome to shades of reality, 2016. Careful now, not too much truth …it has caustic side-effects.


6 comments on “Story from student studying abroad

  1. drrik says:

    Amazed at considering the possibility of a Columbia U student, alumni or prof ever having an epiphany and becoming aware of the truth. Not saying that it couldn’t happen, just seems an alien concept.

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  2. the unit says:

    I may have missed the point, but this is what I see here.
    Sorry, I couldn’t read this with any conviction that it would help me understand the goings on. A Millennial progressive who studies in NYC and then from a “flat” in Madrid? I don’t think you meant it to be anything to cause me to adopt the liberal ideological mess?
    I’ve read extensively for over 10 years to look for a clue to the why and therefores of today’s reality. Fiction about Islam (Khaled Hosseini,and Daniel Silva among others) and real life exposes (Ayaan Hirsi Ali, among others).
    Anyway I got the cake yesterday which I should have been expecting. They, the Islamics, are the victims. I got the cake but didn’t eat it too. LOL
    They just need some Ritalin or some new pharmaceutical and some counseling.

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