Something going on, always

I looked back on a couple highlight posts from last year and it hit me like never before.

Look back at a couple incidents from the past year and see what I mean. That was then this is now. Those incidents were then, there are new ones now. It has just been a cycle, a continuous cycle. We literally go from one crisis to another. Sometimes a new one happens in the middle of a current one.

With our government and pols, it has been one thing after another. Boehner left, Paul Ryan in. Same thing happens. With the takeover of new Congress in 2015, it continues like no change. Terrorist acts, surges of illegals, murders by illegals. criminals caught and released. Pols lie, scandals and no government accountability. 2016 like 2015. Nothing changes.

What I am really wondering about now is what effect this pattern is having on us? Are we just caught up in the minute, are we in survival mode, are we into the fight or flight stage? I think it is serious and bound to have some effect. I mean we can say it is the new way things are but we see it every day and get tired of it. In and out a continued pattern of incidents, threaded and strung together like a chain. Well, that is how it feels when I look back. Then terrorists do what they want to do, terrorize people.

That’s all I’m going to say, people know what I’m talking about. Any ideas or suggestions anyone has, about it or anything, I’d love to hear them.

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24 comments on “Something going on, always

  1. The Emu says:

    May I have permission to post your blog in a local Australian newspaper my Friend.

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  2. Reblogged this on My Daily Musing and commented:
    Bullright, has an interesting thought.

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  3. Just Gene says:

    “Are we just caught up in the minute, are we in survival mode, are we into the fight or flight stage?” I hope it’s not flight – this is OUR country – I think there are enough of us who believe in “give me liberty or give me death” and are willing to water that tree.

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  4. the unit says:

    I read millionaires are fleeing Paris, etc…and Chicago.
    For the rest of us…”Nowhere to run to, baby nowhere to hide
    Got nowhere to run to, baby nowhere to hide
    Nowhere to run”
    We just get to vote where it doesn’t matter. “That’s all I’m going to say, people know what I’m talking about.”

    Read more: Martha And The Vandellas – Nowhere To Run Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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  5. Bullright says:

    Some just deserts delivered to ISIS fighters…. just in time

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  6. Bullright says:

    The guy in this video was a Republican state delegate in Colorado.

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    • peppermintfarm says:

      I saw this video on NewsmaxTV tonight and some pundit called the man immature. I disagree. I burned up my membership too some years back. Now I’m DONE! No more GOP. They can go suck a toilet bowl brush.

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      • Bullright says:

        So call him immature. How about all the Cruz people saying never Trump? Unfortunately, they need a mirror. But they have no answer for his point, what about the many others who do the same? Are they going to underestimate the people’s distaste too? We’ve been disenfranchised now for years. The problem I see is they all want to blame the people. It wasn’t out fault, we didn’t do this.

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  7. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, great article and you are spot on. The same crises do happen again and again. Over and over.

    Now as far as flight or fight. I was on Twitter yesterday and today and People are in a fighting mood citing the words of Jefferson about the tree must be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.

    I think there are many of us can’t flee. We don’t have the money to do it. If I could I’d move to Costa Rica. LOL! 😀

    Anyway, on Twitter it’s a fighting plan going on, preparation for things to come. It seems so many have finally seen that both parties are corrupt as hell and we have no voice any longer. We are under King George even with the Republican party picking the nominee for us. Our votes don’t even matter anymore.

    Stick a fork in America! We’re toast!

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    • Bullright says:

      Well, I agree, They should have known and seen it coming, you can only push people so far. Something about that patient sufferance, while evils are tolerable. We’re past that. And now they even tell us we aren’t really angry. There’s a whole lot of that “what are you going to do about it” attitude out there., They shouldn’t be taunting the people.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        The pot boils over and they just don’t believe the people will do anything but vote for their usual establishment candidate they put up such as Paul Ryan. They are in for a big surprise when nobody comes out to vote for someone who has never even run. It will be the lowest turnout vote ever. But they are so stupid they can’t see it or they just don’t care. They’d rather have Hillary.

        They’ve screwed us over too many times now and nobody is happy. And once it became out in the open in your face style, they have ruined themselves. No more GOP for me and plenty others. It’s almost viral on Twitter now.

        The GOP is at its’ end now. New party will come into place at some point.

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  8. Hardnox says:

    You pose a good question Froggy.

    I believe we are in survival mode. We’ve been there a while. It started with BJ Clinton when we were treated to the weekly scandals and the Hildabeast antics. Then we were flabbergasted that the asshole got reelected despite all the scandals. Then we got GWB and his compassionate conservative shit. Then 9-1-1 and perpetual war. Then we got the Brown Clown, and another shock when he got reelected despite his disastrous policies. Now after voting faithfully every two years for the last several decades we learn that the GOP, who has promised to stop Batears in his tracks, is doing a full court press to stop the party’s frontrunner. Betrayed much? You bet.

    Yeah, we’re in survival mode… but it should be noted that even a mouse will bite if cornered and there’s no way out.

    I believe the tree of liberty is about to be watered. Wait for summer when the BLM and the college pussies get to work in earnest.

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