To change or not change…rules

What’s a little rule change between friends? (okay, enemies)

Come one, come all, come and see the show.

RNC rules official warns lack of transparency could ‘blow up the convention’

Washington Examiner
By Daniel Chaitin • 4/16/16

A lack of transparency in the nomination process threatens to have dire consequences for the party, a member of the Republican National Committee’s committee warned Saturday.

Days after Donald Trump called the GOP nomination “rigged” after Ted Cruz swept the entirety of Colorado’s 34 delegates, two members of the RNC’s rules committee debated whether the party should change the delegate rules.

While members of the RNC rules committee meet this week to debate delegate rules, Randy Evans, a national committeeman from Georgia, told CNN’s Michal Smerconish that its too late in the game to start changing the rules.

“There is a sense in the committee that we really shouldn’t change any rules this late in the process,” said Evans.”


“We’re operating in a supercharged political environment. We could blow up the convention as well as the Republican Party,” Yue said.

Though he didn’t mention any particular examples, Yue said another threat to the party is Chairman Reince Priebus making decisions on his own without consulting the majority of the delegates.

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Blow up the Party? Hmmm seems the GOPe demolition experts have already done a bang-up job of that. Wow, they better watch that incendiary language.

24 comments on “To change or not change…rules

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    “could blow up the party”. I think it’s too late to start worrying about that one. They have already done that. It’s blown up, washed up, gone south, alienated most Republicans and now they’re worried?

    It’s a done deal. Blown up already with people walking out of the party. They committed suicide all by themselves

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  2. Hardnox says:

    The GOP have created this circular firing squad thinking they could subvert the people when their prechosen hacks were resoundly rejected, The people aren’t having any of this crap. People are angry and rightfully so.

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    • Bullright says:

      Right Nox, this was all created by the GOPe. Funny how many times this cycle there was an estabo candidate and every one was rejected. But they keep on trying.

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      • Hardnox says:

        That’s why they are called the “party of stupid”. Rightfully so too.

        Now the clever bastards are pitting conservatives against each other with the “my guy is great, your guy sucks” trick. Too bad so many on our side are falling for it.

        Look at the casualties at my place for example. We had a contingent of Cruzers who couldn’t stomach the slightest criticism of Cruz yet felt comfortable to bash Trump daily. Then when called on it they quit. There was a lot of name calling from both sides and that was wrong. I didn’t expect it to go on that long, and I certainly didn’t expect them to quit especially since it was 7 to 1 who was doing the mudslinging. The 7 quit. Go figure.

        I have from day one attempted to stay neutral since both Cruz and Trump are valuable to our cause. I will vote for either one. I have faith in our fellow Americans to choose correctly. I don’t have an ounce of faith that the establishment will though.

        Fortunately many are getting wise to their plans. Hopefully the dyed-in-the-wool Cruzers will wake up or we’ll have Queen Hildabeast.

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        • the unit says:

          So many are taking this party stuff and the potential nominees so seriously. Dividing friends and family.

          Y’all please forgive my light heartedness, just remembering when America was great way back then.

          It’s called relaxing the rules. During the school year my girl and I would “make out” after Wednesday night prayer meeting and after Sunday night service, just studied other evenings. When summer arrived we relaxed the rule.

          Of course by mutual agreement… or heat of the moment. 🙂

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          • Bullright says:

            That’s a unifier LOL I heard Romney’s neice is supporting Trump up in Michigan(?).. Says she’s probably out of the will, but oh well. She’s a delegate.Thanksgiving will be rough I suppose.

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        • Bullright says:

          Yea, I hear you, it’s really pretty sad we’ve been driven to this point. The anger is getting the best of some, It doesn’t make all that much sense either. It sort of reminds me of run-ins I had with libs over the years. I too had thought it would settle down in view of the larger threat. But no.

          I tried not to criticize the Cruz ‘supporters’ personally but whoa, that isn’t so on the Cruz side. Blacklisting and such is a bit much. Demonize the enemy. I’m perfectly happy to demonize the libs though. That’s how the game is played with them.(for good reason)

          I saw that fallout and then heard complaints about losing friends, Well, duh.They’re doing that across the board. I could go for either but I am going with Trump in primary. It was a choice. But this bitterness I see is way over the top with never trump. We have a spite house now already.

          You know Hill’s chance(odds) of winning general is 73% Trumps 15% and Cruz 5% let’s not worry about Kasich’s single digit. (don;t know the parameters of that study) That tells me its up hill.She must be nailed in any case.

          Great way to start the election of the century, eh? We may not have another chance if we blow this and they’re talking about sitting out if Trump gets it. I don’t want to hear that rationale shit about no diff between Hill and Trump. That’s ridiculous. Repubs are known to blow it though.

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          • the unit says:

            I’ll keep taking my Claritin at sun up (generic of course). Usually then I quit blowing my nose couple of hours later and can see clearly then (song about seeing clearly now). Yeah, I decided to vote for the a$$ hole I may not know all there is to know, about how he will do what he says, instead of those I do know how they will do it. To say make America great again, ain’t saying to transform it.
            Still saying the same…I voted already in FL for Trump. Will vote whomever or whatever against any Dem. in general. And further…that would include even establishment rascal, if it bides more time.
            But still like the old song I’m game to keep on keeping on…if your got the money honey, I got the time. 🙂

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        • Bullright says:

          Hey, on that subject of disagreement, I really think you did exceptionally well with it. Very diplomatic. I saw some patience.

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  3. Davetherave says:

    The Repuke Elites seem to have a sadomasochistic approach. They’ve tried so hard to beat up on millions upon millions of voters when in actuality all the pain is ending up on them. The elites believe ‘we don’t need no stinking rules’ and many of us believe ‘we don’t need no stinking elites.’

    These elite, rat bastards f*cked up the GOP all by themselves a while back.

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  5. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, Lou Dobbs said tonight he voted for Trump. Now I would not call Dobbs a stupid, ignorant farm animal LOL!


  6. Bullright says:

    Funny how Reince Priebus is now all about the majority rule at the convention.



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