Allow me to introduce myself

Hi, my name is Iggy Bliss, and I’ve been asked by the blog owner to do a few posts. At least until he tells me to STFU. You’ll hear from me occasionally.

That’s Iggy to most of you, which stands for ignorant – proudly. I’ve been called blissfully ignorant and that is a good moniker. So here I am, Captain Iggy Bliss, at your service.

By that description, I am just happily ignorant. And I plan on sharing some of that wisdom with people here. If you are a Trump supporter, you may have been called ignorant at some point. If not, you will.

Now you might but I don’t consider it satire, since I don’t really know what that is. I plan to cover a limited and selective amount of subjects here because, after all, I’m blissfully ignorant. That won’t stop me from applying my talent wherever I can.

I’m also driven by animal spirits because the same source has called me an animal and a miscreant. So you never know what I might say or do traced to that animal nature.

Just as a primer, I came across this:

Excuse me, but doesn’t Ted Cruz want an open convention? Isn’t he basing his hopes on that — a ballot after the first ballot? I guess that is what makes me ignorant.

Captain Iggy Bliss ™©

22 comments on “Allow me to introduce myself

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Hi Iggy Bliss, it’s really nice to meet someone as blissfully ignorant as i am too.

    I thought that was what lyin’Ted wanted too; to have an open convention where he can steal delegates away from Trump. Isn’t that what he’s already doing in states?

    Since I’m an animal too, bleating away like a dumb ass I guess I really don’t know what’s going on either. Baaaa…..Baaaaaa………Baaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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    • Bullright says:

      Yeah, I’ll have to pass that along to him. I agree tho. LMJackAO We have to try to stick together. I guess an animal revolt scares the hell out of them.

      We might be dumb asses to them, but they don’t impress me as Rhode Scholars. . Ha’_vud or Baavud I’d take animal instincts. They didn’t gain very much walking upright. Just keep on, you’re bleating my tune too.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Oh please do pass it along. We barnyard animals like to give all the help we can. Yes we stick together like an egg fried to the sidewalk. BTW, we don’t have sidewalks here, just dirt roads leading into the animal kingdom where Cruzbots don’t dare to tread. Ewwww, they might get some cow shit
    on them and they’d scream.

    They don’t want any “ignorant animals” near them. Oh I’m sure they all went to Ha’_vud and Baavud. No I agree walking upright damaged their brains. What a pity. Ya know ya gotta learn to crawl first if ya want your brain to be big.

    Well, Mr. Iggy Bliss, you’re moooing my tune too.

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    • iggybliss says:

      Thank you Pepp, always nice to meet a fellow farm animal. Looks like I will spend some time here. Does pay to look before steppin’, maam. I guess we’ll get around to stubborn too, but I’ll stick to ignorance for now. I might have an occasional straw man accompanying me, you know, just to keep things fair and even.

      Well, I’m evolving, and it looks like its getting faster all the time. I already figured out these Pronies. And a moo to you too. 🙂 Hee Haw!!

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      • Bullright says:

        Okay, Iggy, just behave yourself now….as much as you can anyway.

        Don’t get too friendly with the regulars, you might scare ’em off. And we don’t want no crossbreeding going on here. 😀

        Pepp’s a favored animal since she’s got seniority and all.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Hi Iggy Bliss! So nice to meet you too. Yes, we animals stick together. Not only does it pay to watch where you step, but we animals have to be on the lookout for an occasional jackal too. Very dangerous species that tear ya from limb to limb, gouging at your flesh. It’s most hideous.

        Oh I’ll have to be on the lookout for the straw man! Sounds very intriguing.

        Hee Haw! The barn dance is on.

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Unlike the negotiations/collusion between he and Kasich?? I may be an animal, but I’m smart enough to recognize a big pile of bull shit when I see it. The pesky truth is others apparently just love the taste of it.

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    • iggybliss says:

      Yep Dave, unlike others, I can safely detect that you are, what we in the field call ‘pie wise’. Saves on shoes too. Hey, I wouldn’t know but I doubt it tastes like chicken. 😀

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      • Davetherave says:

        After all the years I spent in ‘corporate America’; it did make me more astute on the ‘crap-a-scope’. I also found a suit, a tie and hip waders just looked awful. So I had to learn to dance carefully in my wingtips. 🙂

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  4. Davetherave says:

    Here you go Bull. I’m positive this ran by your mind. 🙂

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  5. Hi Iggy Bliss, it is nice to meet you. I frequent Bull’s blog almost everyday. I don’t comment much unless I have something to say, :).

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