The irrelevance of the West

Finally, from the bowels of Townhall, an explanation of criticism for the West.
The indictment of anti-West philosophy

Why the Left Loathes Western Civilization

Dennis Prager| Apr 26, 2016 | Townhall

This month, Stanford University students voted on a campus resolution that would have their college require a course on Western civilization, as it did until the 1980s.

Stanford students rejected the proposal 1,992 to 347. A columnist at the Stanford Daily explained why: Teaching Western civilization means “upholding white supremacy, capitalism and colonialism, and all other oppressive systems that flow from Western civilizations.”

The vote — and the column — encapsulated the left’s view: In Europe, Latin America and America, it loathes Western civilization.

Wherever there is conflict between the West — identified as white, capitalist or of European roots — and the non-West, the left portrays the West as the villain.

I am referring to the left, not to liberals. The latter generally venerates Western civilization. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, for example, frequently spoke of defending “Christian civilization.” Today, the left would likely revile any Westerner who used such language as xenophobic, racist, and fascist. […/]

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What happened to pride in Western Civilization? What happened to its defense and lonely apologetic? Why the need to apologize for it instead and where did the shame and embarrassment begin, where shall it end? Progressivism take a bow. From the people that brought us mourning in America.


3 comments on “The irrelevance of the West

  1. the unit says:

    Local station carries Dennis two hours. When I’ve listened I can’t think of anything I disregard. Usually though I seem only to listen when I’m driving somewhere.
    He makes the distinction between leftists and liberals. I like that. But now all the same, starting back with FDR, camel’s nose under the tent you know.
    Now like then people moving into the middle class stymied communism, so that’s got to be stopped. Obama said people in Africa can’t expect to get AC.
    I won’t try to give sources, I’ve read it so anybody who wants to can look it up.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    IMHO this comes from the Commie indoctrination that the universities seem to love teaching. If the course had been allowed, they would have found out the truth. But apparently they don’t want to know the truth. Really stupid if you ask me.

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. First thought; what’s the author thinking about when he writes, ‘I am referring to the left, not to liberals. The latter generally venerates Western civilization.’??? If he means today’s liberals revere Western civilization as being socialistic (damn near Marxism) I guess he has a point. IMO that is one f*cked up opinion. But maybe I digress.

    Perhaps these liptard loons would prefer we replicate Africa’s society? Now there’s a good example for them of a non-dominated white nation. Massive disease problems, poor folks the far majority, massive need of vaccines, anti-biotic’s, food, clean drinking water, an economy NO one talks about in a good fashion, internal wars constantly…and on and on and on.

    These spoiled ass pricks are clueless as to real life. Send them off to a third world country for a couple years and see, if their attitude(s) change. Lord help us that this is a large group of pampered baby’s that will take part in running this nation one day.

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