Morning Joe suffers from (EMS)elite media syndrome

Joe Scarborough may be a media guy and household name, but he appears to have choked on some coffee beans on this one.

Line up, Joe, and take a crack at the central question of the year: try to explain the phenomenon of Trump’s candidacy and popularity? But 10 to 1 you get it wrong.
Washington Post April 26 (excerpts)

It is also about the humiliating defeat suffered by an increasingly isolated political and media class who still do not understand the causes and scope of Trump’s populist revolt. /

Time and again over the past year, Washington insiders and media moguls misread the mood of working-class voters and their attraction to the populist message championed by Trump./

So why did these “narrow elites” miss the mark so badly when the topic turned to Trump? Because most of them are hopelessly isolated from the other 300 million or so Americans who inconveniently share their country.

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Seems Joe doesn’t know that much about the 300 million people either, or any more than the media elites he is criticizing do. What an egghead. The only part he got completely right is that media elite misread the mood of the people. Not that they care anyway.

Scarborough seems to delve into cliche explanations to make his case, never realizing how they undermined one another. He blames the media, moguls and concentrated elite, for not taking down Trump either earlier or at all. Well that is a stinging indictment of the media, of which he himself is a part. Right on, Joe. Then he blames Trump’s popularity as a celebrity for his political success. Talk about misreading.

He goes on to compare Donald’s TV stardom to Reagan’s popularity and success from his radio show. Then he drops this:

50 years later, that revolution is being undone by another TV star who has been underestimated by elites while being elevated by working-class voters.

So now Trump has single-handily undone the Reagan revolution as the complicit media watched. But Joe himself was a creature of the politics that got us to this stage, stomping on Reagan’s legacy. Now he blames Trump for undoing the Reagan revolution. Come on Joe, to hell with smelling the java, tell us what you’re smoking?

Joe thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. Though there is a Yuge disconnect between both the media and establishment with the sediment of the people. So it’s no surprise how wrong they can be in diagnosing the mood of the people.

You cannot just blame Joe. He based it on the theory of a book. He just had to twist reality to make it fit. Does he not realize that, at this point with media’s credibility, the more they tried to take down Trump the more it failed? But try they did. You can’t blame them for not trying.(and it was not just media)

First of all. Trump won every county in those states. That’s called sweeping. But to have Joe write this off as some stupid popularity from a reality show is really disingenuous. Joe never impressed me as a political prophet.

5 comments on “Morning Joe suffers from (EMS)elite media syndrome

  1. the unit says:

    He was my congressman then. He was like a pre-tea party guy then (’94). Said the right stuff. Republican opponent didn’t. She said “we’re all world citizens now.” If a democrat ran in the general, it was a token candidate.
    We finally smelled the coffee and he did too. He couldn’t win again. And to think a year ago he was talking about running for President.
    We got to elect a new one this year. Two democrats running , one who has endorsed Bernie and then eight republicans (have not read who they support). I may vote for the retired Navy captain if he was fired by Obama. I doubt it though, I read retired after 25 years. Well I got to August 30 to pick one.

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    • Bullright says:

      Sounds like Joe is a transformer. Presidential run, figures. I bet the district was not big enough for his ego. Now he blames Trump before he’s even gotten elected to anything. Joe has a racket where he’s at.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Who in the hell would vote for Joe? If he ran as a Repuke, everybody knows he served under MSNBC. His chance of ever getting elected are nil.

    The elite media types have no idea about us peons out here in flyover country. They never see one of us or talk to us. So what would they know.

    Their cred is ruined and most people recognize it now. We are not fooled by anything they say.

    The elite establos know we want someone like Trump and not their mediocre wishy washy candidate they will put up. They know it but they don’t care about our voices or our votes just as they have never cared.

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    • Bullright says:

      They don’t care one bit. Joe thinks he is th esmartest guy in the room. And we’ve already got enough of those. They don’t know anything about us, do they? Joke’s on them if they think we buy it.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Good grief if Joe is the smartest man in the world what does that make St. Garnet? I thought he was the smartest man in the world. LOL! 🙂

        Yep this time the joke is on the media



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