Beck blew half a million stumping for Cruz

The story is (at Gateway Pundit) Glenn Beck blew 500,000 traveling around campaigning with Cruz. The jury is out on if it helped Cruz. And he recently fired 40 employees.

Glenn takes to the air to knock down the claims that his spending half a million campaigning for Cruz has anything to do with eliminating 40 employees.

But Glenn Beck is now living in ‘Ted’s world’. Usually Ted is the one who connects two separate things as the same. But of course it isn’t that A + B must equal Cause and effect; the real point is that they both happened. So he acts as if he is knocking down the story when he is only arguing about speculation on A & B’s relationship.

6 comments on “Beck blew half a million stumping for Cruz

  1. Hardnox says:

    Beck wasting a cool half mill should have been on Funny Friday. Realistically this was more about promoting Beck than Cruz. Beck was fading and needed a cause and latched onto Cruz. Cruz was stupid to allow it since Beck is widely known as a clown and will be invisible once Cruz drops out.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Once again this proves that Cruz has no business sense. To allow Beck to run through that kind of money is insane. And I agree that Beck didn’t help Cruz at all. Beck is seen as lunatic now. The things he says and does don’t make a lot of sense and people are noticing it.


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