Hillary – “deal me in” – Clinton

Hillary is playing poker and she’s bluffing. It is a giant ruse that she is about anything other than self-aggrandizement. So she is playing the woman-card, there’s a shocker. Now she wants to redefine what I call the estrogen-card.

She may be the she of 2016 but her DNA is based on the political legacy of Obama and relies on her Hubby’s record to rescue her from, well, herself. But she was dealt in on that back in the 1990’s. Little has changed about her since. She is the conniving, scheming, elitist politico, now heiress she has always been — or thought she was. Except this hand, this round, is where it all comes to a pinnacle. So she bluffs on what it is about, her woman bonafides. Reality is it is about her obsession with power, estrogen just a means.

She even redefined the servergate investigation as a generic “security review” Yep, they are reviewing your national security breaches. Think of all the ways General Patraeus could have labeled his problem. That’s the key, after all, to label her actions in such a way that it mitigates her accountability. Deal Hillary in on that.

Maybe deal her in on the blame for the Middle East meltdown? Deal her in on the failed Russian reset. Some people play fantasy sports, Hillary was playing fantasy geopolitics. Politics is her game, screw ups her specialty. And there is no rule book except win at any cost — to anyone but her. She is the ultimate establishment insider. She believes in using the reins of power for personal gain. Deal her in… or rather don’t try to deal her out.

Let’s deal her out. Ban her from the game. She should be under indictment and pleading the fifth, instead of running for President. No, she’s in a card game playing the woman-card. Don’t women resent her using the w-card to qualify for the Oval Office?

Deal her out. It’s our last chance.

3 comments on “Hillary – “deal me in” – Clinton

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    I think most conservative women resent her using the W card. Deal her out. She’s playing old cards.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    LOL! Old Maid sounds like a good game for Hillary or Old Lesbie or maybe Old Dyke. Whatever she plays I’m not in her game. She can take a flying leap over the Trump Tower.



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