McCain in ‘his agents of intolerance’ mode

So McCain is worried about his next election. Ah, that’s too bad. Time for blame.

McCain on tape: Trump damages my reelection hopes

‘If Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket,’ … ‘this may be the race of my life.’

By Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kim | 05/05/16 | Politico

Publicly, John McCain insists Donald Trump will have a negligible effect on his campaign for reelection. But behind closed doors at a fundraiser in Arizona last month, the Republican senator and two-time presidential hopeful offered a far more dire assessment to his supporters.

“If Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket, here in Arizona, with over 30 percent of the vote being the Hispanic vote, no doubt that this may be the race of my life,” McCain said, according to a recording of the event obtained by POLITICO. […/]

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From his speech at a private fundraiser:

“People are angry. they’re upset, they feel that there’s this disconnect. All of that and, frankly, there’s an element of nativism in it as well, as you know.”

People are justifiably angry and, Senator McCain, you are one of the chief causes. Ouch, “nativism” in there too? That nasty nationalism, we can’t have that. (Video)

But people didn’t forget what John McCain and his McAmnesty did to our Party, and our country. How we were all undermined and attacked because of you, John. So it’s the election of your life? Maybe it is about time.

But hey, “race of his life” probably makes for great fundraiser fodder though.
This election was another referendum on all that plus Obama’s executive amnesty.

6 comments on “McCain in ‘his agents of intolerance’ mode

  1. the unit says:

    ” according to a recording of the event.” Is this another recording by Jimma Cartuh, Jr., III, or IV? So a RINO gets in the end what he been sucking on.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Oh poor cry baby McCain! He was already in trouble in AZ with a serious challenger but somehow this is Trump’s fault. Is there anything they won’t blame on him????? It’s getting ridiculous and old.

    People are sick of him too and never doing what the people want and like Ryan he is more of a democrat than a conservative Republican. Perhaps a lot of these RINOs are going to get their comeuppance in November and no one is going to miss McCain in the least. Except the media where he likes to go on and criticize members of his own party.

    I don’t feel sorry for McCain and I doubt anyone else does either. Besides that it’s time he retired of bloody sake.

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  3. Just Gene says:

    Another reason to like Trump.

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