Trump Blame Game Continues

Blaming TV for Trump success. Well, what have they not blamed Trump for?
Media demise and the death of journalism is high on the long list.

Politico: Why I blame TV for Trump — Campbell Brown

My friends in the TV news business are in a state of despair about Donald Trump, even as their bosses in the boardroom are giddy over what he’s doing for their once sagging ratings.

“It feels like it’s over,” one old friend from my television days told me recently. Any hope of practicing real journalism on TV is really, finally finished. “Look, we’ve always done a lot of stupid shit to get ratings. But now it’s like we’ve just given up and literally handed over control hoping he’ll save us. It’s pathetic, and I feel like hell.” Said another friend covering the presidential campaign for cable news, “I am swilling antidepressants trying to figure out what to do with my life when this is over.”

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Well, I hate to bust a gaping hole in her balloon but there is another side. First of all, they gave Obama a lot of media time. Whenever his campaign was speaking, they gave them plenty of time keeping questions on the puffy side. Well, I remember. Media was Obama’s best line of defense, which is why he still expects their loyalty now.

But with Trump it is a different sort of thing. Sure he is good for their ratings, because public interest is driving it — not the media driven news by what they want us to see, like Obama coverage. And that is where so many people pronounced journalism dead…or at least on life support. But they were too stupid to realize it. They didn’t care.

They sacrificed journalism for political ideology. Politics won, we lost. They left any hard news stories to others like the web. Real journalism took a backseat to politics, entertaining news, or almost anything but. And now they want to blame it all on Trump. Their lack of credibility is Trump’s fault.

Funny how they wanted to revive journalism almost as soon as they saw Trump enter the arena. Is it Trump’s fault that he has a strategy to play that game?

Media and journalists have come out swinging at Trump. It has not had the effect it always had with other candidates. They could not just grind him up and dispose of him. They all thought his shelf life would be short-lived. Media strategists were wrong every time.

So now they are waking up to see journalism is all but gone. It took them long enough. However, now that they are doing their level best to cast their vote every day in the press, their influence is failing. That is the problem. They forfeited any credibility they had years ago, now they want their influence back.


6 comments on “Trump Blame Game Continues

  1. the unit says:

    There was a roll of toilet paper one could buy with O’s picture on the sheets. Maybe they can sell some with TV pundits on the sheets, then their credibility can be wiped.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    For bloody sake. When did any of these people do any “real journalism? It’s been dead for years. It’s their fault and no one else’s. To blame Trump for this is insanity on their parts. I guess nowhere in the media, the political arena can anyone take responsibility for their own failures. So Trump is their scapegoat. What a bunch of crap!

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    • Bullright says:

      He must make the perfect excuse, for everything. It’s no longer George Bush even. I guess W was just practice.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Yeah I guess W is off the hook now since they’ve got a new target, Trump to blame for their troubles. i guess they haven’t noticed that since they constantly cover for the democrats, the likes of Hillary, Obama, etc., they are becoming as extinct as the cuckoo bird.

        People have turned away from them and get their news off the web where they can contrast and compare the liberal and the conservative points of view and get a more accurate picture of what is really going on.

        Poor babies, cry me a river!

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        • Bullright says:

          Yeah, Pepp, I don’t know what they are crying about? They got exactly what they wanted. And we all suffered. They’re dinosaurs now… or more like de-fanged pterodactyls swooping in wherever they can be a nuisance, and shrieking about Climate Change.

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            Yes they did get what they deserved. It’s astounding how little responsibility they take for their own failure in their biases.

            “They’re dinosaurs now… or more like de-fanged pterodactyls swooping in wherever they can be a nuisance, and shrieking about Climate Change.” That’s hilarious Bull!



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