Ben Rhodes hearing turns to Iraq debate

Crazier than crazy, this is why Democrats should not have an ounce of credibility from anyone. This took my seething disgust level to a historic high, which is hard to do.

Rhodes Wikipedia Public Domain

Rep Jason Chaffetz held a House hearing about the Ben Rhodes lie doctrine and his lengthy interview with NYT Magazine. But what happens is totally in your American face.

Rhodes for his part refused to go to the hearing, even after laying his whole case out, how the fiction writer describes it, on what the administration did in creating the Iran deal.

Democrats turn it into a hearing about the Iraq war and WMD — remember their most favorite acronym of all time. Who knew that Valerie Plame, Scooter Libby, yellow cake would be a viable defense for the deception and lies of the Iran deal?

Lets forget for a moment that the Iran deal was wrong all the way around. That it was the product of 3+ years of lies and obfuscation to avoid Congress; that it went right by Congress and was mischaracterized as to what it even is. But that is what we’re supposed to do: forget all the Art of Deception and lying Obama and Democrats are engaged in.

They did have John Hannah as one witness. The Democrats spent nearly all their time questioning him about his participation in Dick Cheney’s office in the lead up to Iraq. But never mind that the Iraq issue went through Congress, kept Congress informed, then it even voted on the authorization.

To recap, Democrats got their hearing …. the one on Iraq and WMD. (fundraisers probably going out as I write) Republicans had a hearing — between injections of Scooter Libby, Iraq, WMD, yellow cake, Valerie Plame, Colin Powel and Dick Cheney — on the Ben Rhodes expose about the construction of the Iran deal, hard as it was to fit that in with time constraints and all.

But how many times has that happened where Democrats hijacked the hearing process into something else? As true obfuscators of reality, they continually hide, deceive, and conceal truth from the American people and rely on repeating their talking points.(true or not) Politics is the motive, so some believe. To make the worse worser, the administration did not even want Congress’s oversight in and on the deal.

The only thing you can conclude from Democrats’ convoluted position is that if Iraq and the WMD was such a debacle, then that somehow mitigates what the administration did creating the Iran “art of deception” deal. So there is no rational reason now for looking into the deception and unconstitutional Iran agreement, even if Rhodes has been out boasting about the deceit involved in the Iran deal.

When Rhodes talked about his ‘compadres’ in the press he reaches out to, he reveals something more. This has been a pattern of Democrat WH operatives since the 90’s when Clinton advisers tipped off, directed or redirected reporters on what they should be covering or how. This came out in testimonies of the Clinton scandals.

The Obama administration lied repeatedly to get the deal done. But that is its pattern: lying about Obamacare, lying on Benghazi, then on the Iran deal from the start. And Democrats framed it as a binary choice that it was war on Iran or this deal, when this deal was the most flawed, subversive thing they could ever create even if they tried.

Now Dems can be ecstatic that, in the end, the focus was more on the Iraq decisions 14 years ago than on Iran. At least the opening statements of the witnesses and a few of their questions were related to the Iran agreement, not Iraq.

Sincerely disgusted. I can hardly wait to see what Ben-fiction-Rhodes will be writing about his time in the administration. Will they eat that up?

From the NYT piece that spawned the hoopla over the Iran deal:

He [Rhodes] expressed a deep personal hopelessness about the possibility of open, rational public debate in a brutally partisan climate. But didn’t the country deserve better? I kept asking him.

Must be sort of a self-imposed hopelessness since he didn’t even want to share details with Congress. Dang schedules and executive limitations that disallow such, while they do allow for countless hours of self-gratified elaboration to a reporter on the topic. But apparently Congress is off executive-privilege limits, unfortunately.

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19 comments on “Ben Rhodes hearing turns to Iraq debate

  1. the unit says:

    No, no. If something to read, it’s executive privilege and must go over your head, Not sink in.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    I am with you Bull on being totally disgusted with this continuous deceit by the Dims. And since when can Rhodes claim executive privilege after he already put it out there to the press?? That boggles my mind.

    So they made it into another Iraq, Valerie Plame, yellow cake hearing? I only saw part of this so I’m glad I didn’t see the part you wrote about. My blood pressure would have hit the roof once again.

    Sure let’s forget about the worst deal in history, the Iran deal, and let’s all focus again on what is nearly ancient history again?

    Maybe next time the Dims can go all the way back about Jefferson battling the Muslims on the Barbary Coast.

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    • Bullright says:

      Right Pepp, but it is nice to know he can have the entire Dimmicrat Party fill in for him. Who needs a fiction writer when you have all these spinsters rewriting the script?

      Dems never have any worries except their political ones. They plain don’t care anyway that they set a timer on the bomb. It’s not even an afterthought. But 14 yrs ago and Valerie Plame, they’re stuck on that shiite like glue. Terrible stuff that was. Of course Obama really outed a station chief in Afghanistan and not a squeak out of the rascal radicals. Rhodes may even have done that one himself?


      • peppermintfarm says:

        RightO Rhodes shouldn’t consider himself and brag about his fiction writing because the Dims have been doing it for years. They’re expert at it and while it’s all made up, it goes over forever as truth in history.

        I just heard someone say on Fox last night again about how the Repubs were the ones who started slavery. Oi Vey!

        Sure let’s forget about the bombs that are going to start flying from Iran. Gee, that’s no big deal, but Valerie Plame is. What a bunch of morons!

        Oh that’s right, O did out a CIA in Afghanistan. Isn’t funny how that means nothing but Plame meant the world was falling in?

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        • Bullright says:

          It’s bad isn’t it? Dems revise everything to suit them and who stops them, no one.

          Hey, I’m not worried about Valerie Plame but I’m real worried about Valerie Jarrett. And she needs to be outed as the covert agent she is.


          • peppermintfarm says:

            You sure got that right. Jarrett does need to be outed. She’s so dangerous as Bozo’s partner. Maybe even more dangerous.

            It’s amazing the Dims get to rewrite history and no one ever calls them on it.


  3. Zem Gal says:

    Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds as God and Truth are incomprehensible and dogma and ideology are idolatry which detracts from evidence based realism. The feudal casuistry of scrupulosity hides truth at all costs through the high priests of academia and media.

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  5. […] Ben Rhodes hearing turns to Iraq debate […]


  6. Hardnox says:

    This situation sums up the entirety of the whole Obama administration. He and his minions have lied to us since day one. Of course this is part and parcel of the left since their ideas will never withstand any scrutiny so they need to lie. The truly aggravating part in all of this is that the republicans have not done much of anything other than grandstanding.

    I look forward to the trials beginning in 2017 followed by the firing squads.

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