The Ignorance of reality on Trump

Hi everyone, Iggy Bliss at your service. I’m sorry I have been so busy with everything Trump that I haven’t been able to update you all on my blissful animal farm adventures.

Now that Trump is our presumptive nominee, I haven’t felt the need to purge my intellect further. Sure, there are those who are still calling us ignorant, stupid people and blissfully so. There seems to be a growing pride in that since…. well, we are WINNING!.

Anyway, not to rub it into my betters and intellectual superiors, but Trump has resonated now like no other with people across a spectrum. From low income to high income, from so-called uneducated to educated. Whether it is on jobs and the economy or terrorism.

But yes, we are still considered the blissfully ignorant ones, equivocated to barnyard animals and evolutionary primates. Do we see a little irony in that yet? If not, just wait it is crystallizing along the Trump Train tracks.

Not that I, the great Iggy, is bragging. I don’t take any comfort in saying I told you so. Who wants, or needs, to rub it in that we have a government and an establishment elite that hardly anyone on both sides of the isle trusts. But that is the central problem or symptom today… not the means to gaining control of it.

I have to catch up on events because so much has happened since I spoke you last. Now Paul Ryan and Trump have met and Ryan still withholds his support. Well, to each his own I guess. What is more interesting, for the unpopular speaker of the House, is the lack of criticism of him from the Never Trump crowd. Wait, weren’t they months ago complaining about Cryin’ Ryan’s failings? Now they are silent on Ryan and that other guy he was hooked up with, Romney.

I thought Romney was the anathema to the conservative movement? Call me stupid, but no, he has been scheming with Never Trumpers about running a third Party candidate. Strange bedfellows, indeed. But Mark Cuban — really? And they all call me blissfully ignorant? I can’t even find any barnyard animals with any love for Romney. Seems the enemy of their enemy is their friend.

So this is me, Iggy, rubbing your Never-Trump noses in the venomous saliva of two-time loser, Mitt-the pussycat-Romney. Meow! I hope you all enjoy your lustful affair.

Romney has now said he is done trying to recruit a 3rd candidate. That doesn’t mean he has changed his position on the matter, just that he will not actively recruit a candidate. How big of him. Still, I heard no criticism about him from those who were eager to jump in bed with him. What does that make you Never Trumpers, prostitutes? I think so. The Iggy may still seem ignorant but he is not the one aligning with a two-time estabo loser.

Iggy Bliss signing off, hoping all your Never Trump hallucinations are happy ones.
We’ll leave the light on for you at a Motel 6.

Captain Iggy Bliss ©

12 comments on “The Ignorance of reality on Trump

  1. Bullright says:

    Hey, thanks Iggy for the encore post. Keep them coming. I tend to agree with you.

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    • I’ve missed you Iggy. Even though you are supposed to be an ignorant farm animal I see lots of intelligence within those layers of wool, cowhide, or fur which ever animal you are. It’s too bad that other mean blogger did not name each of us as what animals we are. I think I’m a sheep since I was supposed to be bleating. But who knows. It’s mean no matter what but that blogger doesn’t care how mean he gets. And to think that once I thought he was a gentleman. Wow, how wrong I was!

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      • Bullright says:

        Well, good thing IB is not alone on the farm. There are lots of us. Yes, for someone so creative as that “blogger,” he didn’t mention particulars except the Trumpanzee epithet. But then they seem like dinosaurs to me, or prehistoric slithering reptiles.


        • LOL! With all the farm animals here, they would be mauled to death. They have no idea what it’s like to be an animal, just those prehistoric slithering snakes and the coyotes would eat them up quickly.


  2. Iggy Bliss, you are hilarious. You may be an ignorant farm animal but what a sense of humor you have! I’ve never seen any humor in those #NeverTrump folks. They are such dour and sour people. But, then again, I’m not so sure they are people. Maybe some form of aliens?

    Well whatever they are they are some of the meanest, nastiest bullies I’ve ever met. The horrible things they say about people are beyond the pale. And they say it’s Trump people who are mean. But we have never called them names or been mean to them.

    They are very hypocritical. And they cry like babies who’ve lost their binkies. I think we need to get a huge supply of them to donate to that nasty crowd.

    Then they wonder why they don’t have any friends when they don’t want free speech unless you agree with them. Then they turn on you as fast as a snake who suddenly bites you. Their sting is YUGE. But we have turned the other cheek. Now it looks like all their hopes have died of a Cruz or Romney nominee. They are constantly conducting wakes and mourning their poor little hurt feelings. Their feelings mean more than our country.

    Also they accuse of us of being violent when I’ve never seen any Trump people act in a violent manner. Just the leftist, paid Soros crowd who come to the rallies and try to disrupt. I guess they are unable to see this or deliberately don’t want to see who those folks really are.

    And what kind of conservative supports Big Omnibus Ryan?????? Is that not strange or what? He’s an establo through and through and wants everything we don’t want. He’s one of the worst.

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    • Bullright says:

      Iggy is on a roll, I guess he couldn’t bite his tongue anymore. Not that these political hacksters understand critique, but it is worth a try.

      Ah ha, supporting Ryan and Romney or Mark Cuban is an alternative to Trump. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


      • Political hacks just say whatever comes to their wretched minds. No matter whether there’s any truth to the matter. We’ve seen that so often.

        Yeah, Mark Cuban who now wants to run on Hillary’s ticket. Great going you idiots. He’s a liberal if he wants to be her VP and a monster to run with a monster.

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        • Bullright says:

          I guess it doesn’t have to make sense. They are worried about all this violence from Trumpanzees. Well, we have enough to do on the farm without acting like thugs. Which is it, are we ignorant or plotting out violence?


          • Well, well, they sure are worried about the wrong thing since no Trumpanzee has ever been violent nor would they be. These are the same people who have been the silent majority in this country who have never shown one lick of violence ever in their political lives.

            Of course it doesn’t have to be true for the insane Cruzbots so they just make up Crap like that. They are not using any intelligent, reasoning power, just running on raw emotion like a bunch of liberals and are acting like liberals to on top of it with name calling, saying things outrageous that aren’t true. One wonders what happened to their sanity.

            Yes indeed, we have so much to do on the farm. We’re too busy to riot. But they’ve never seen farm animals so what do they know. They just attach a negative connotation to farm animals who for the most part are tame and not prone to violence of any sort

            Right they need to make up their little pea brains whether we are thugs or animals. Farm animals are not violent in any way. We peacefully graze the land.

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            • Bullright says:

              Obviously they are too busy watching us to see or pay any attention to the real threats. They rationalize that Hillary is not so bad, even preferable to Trump. Well, I’ll take the sense of farm animals over that any day.


            • Farm animals would be too smart to ever cast a vote for the #HeartlessHillary.


  3. Hardnox says:

    Excellent and spot on rant Iggy. The sad part is that they are still stuck on this idea. maybe after a few months the Never crowd will come around. or maybe not. I wish these haters were as resolute about stopping Obama as they are about stopping the guy our voters have chosen which makes me wonder who these guys voted for in ’08 & ’12.



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