Lou Dobbs tracking the estabo GOP

Lou Dobbs – The Horrible Three-Headed Monster Of The GOP Elite

It’s Horrific – Three Headed Monster Of The Republican Establishment
Posted on June 1, 2016 by Rick Wells

It’s a horrible thing, the three headed monster that Lou Dobbs says is “lurking within the GOP establishment.” It sounds downright disgusting from his description, a hybrid of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Bill Kristol. He notes “none of them is particularly aggressive, at least publicly, they’re more passive aggressive. They’re how the party of no was first formed, in fact.”

Dobbs continues, “Trump today slammed Kristol as a loser in his new conference,” point to an interview with Sean Hannity in which he says Kristol is just trying to sell copies of his failing magazine. Trump asked, “Who would do it? Look, it’s a guaranteed loss, you can’t even get on in Texas now because they missed their deadline and now they’re missing other deadlines. And all he’s doing, I guess, is trying to get publicity for his failing magazine, I imagine.”

Dobbs points out the weak track record of Kristol when it comes to predicting political winners and losers, including the prediction that Hussein Obama would not defeat Hillary Clinton in a single Democrat primary in 2008 and a Romney victory in 2012.

Dobbs notes that Kristol’s boss, billionaire Philip Anshutz, who owns the Weekly Standard, generally tries to remain out of the spotlight, but he’s stepped into it with both feet on this one. He’s donated over $1 million to establishment GOP candidates this cycle but Dobbs can’t imagine Anshutz either permitting or dispatching Kristol on this fools’ errand.

In response to Trump’s comments about Kristol, he replied, “I’ve won some and I’ve lost some but one thing I’ve always tried not to be is a roaring jackass.” Dobbs adds, “In my opinion, Kristol has obviously failed in the latter regard and in recent years he’s been almost always been wrong in his choice of candidates and indeed public policies.”

Wrongheadedness,” says Dobbs, “doesn’t deter elites like Kristol, all uncomfortable with the democratic reality that votes do matter and that majorities and not special interests, not even really rich elite interests rule.”

Dobbs adds, “And they fear Trump mightily, precisely because he’s likely to make the establishment very uncomfortable for a very long time.”

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Article at: http://rickwells.us/lou-dobbs-horrible-three-headed-monster-gop-elite/

Could it be as simple as Trump says, he’s “trying to get publicity for his failing magazine?” I don’t know. However, it is clear that Kristol is willing to risk it all, or what is left of it, to oppose Trump. A losing cause for himself and potentially the country.

What makes a person that driven to obsession? He has said he didn’t mind supporting Hillary or if she won. He can try to run from that. So Kristol is not about winning, he is about Trump losing. That his subscribers flee, so what? Apparently his establishment ties are stronger and more important. Love for country? Please.

Like Dobbs said, Kristol’s pick record is not good. And then he has been palling around, scheming with Romney for months — with Romney’s record. Ryan’s record is confirmation. But if Trump would lose, they can all come back in 2020 for another round.

Here is another one for the estabo record from Rick Wells:
Boehner Got $5 million, Ryan $2 Million, McConnell $9 Million – Any Doubt Why TPA Passed?

7 comments on “Lou Dobbs tracking the estabo GOP

  1. Hardnox says:

    Kristol is a certifiable asshole. He’d rather ruin this country in the off chance the establishment has a viable candidate in 2020 than win with Trump now. It’s clearer more than ever who we need to back. Trump had announced that he would stop special interest influence in Washington.

    I wish these NeverTrump clowns would have put this much energy into stopping Obama.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    I read this Bull. This is the guy I follow who puts so many articles out. But I do like them.

    Kristol is sickening. He doesn’t care about the country as he’d rather vote for Hillary. He’s got to be nuts. He has some kind of personal vendetta against Trump is what I think. He cares not what the voters want, only what he wants and he is a loser.

    He puts up this guy who has supported Hillary for bloody sake. Now how does that make sense and a writer for his loser magazine.

    I think he wants publicity for his magazine as I just saw stats this morning on another Twitter person about how low the magazine has sunk in readership.

    He wants to stay relevant as he’s not any longer. He hates losing his perceived power.

    It’s long past due he STFU!

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    • Bullright says:

      His stand is ludicrous. Ah ha he and a whole bunch of the media have taken a hit in the last month or so. It makes sense. They’ve become irrelevant back-chatter.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Yes his stand is ludicrous and it will fail. Nobody knows who French is and I think barely anyone cares either. The NRO and the Weekly Standard folks will vote for him and no one else. Well, I can think of someone at PU.


  3. […] Lou Dobbs tracking the estabo GOP […]


  4. […] Lou Dobbs tracking the estabo GOP […]



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