French vs. French on Trump

What did David French say before about a Trump nomination?

Was that a French kiss for Trump?

Fast forward, I wonder if anyone informed the brilliant Mr French that many Americans might have some reservations about voting for someone named French for President? But I admit that is still an unproven theory.

That’s right, the Iggy is still here. Just taking a break from mucking out the stalls.

H/T BizPac Review

6 comments on “French vs. French on Trump

  1. Davetherave says:

    What a frigging joke Bull. No one accept those within the National Review even know who this dude is. Now we know he’s just another two faced lying prick that will be completely irrelevant in the election. My big reservation would be voting for him, because Kristol supports him.

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    • Bullright says:

      Now we know, another ace of spades. LOL Right, all the name recognition of a wombat. Any associate of Kristol’s now is a certified ______

      Sounds like their campaign slogan would be, “Got French??” Hey, the Donald’s could be “Trump is not French!”

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  2. Just Gene says:

    I believe we have the greatest violation of our constitution ever – how dare the government, “WE THE PEOPLE” be allowed to choose our leader. As Frank Barone would say, “HOLY CRAP”.

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  3. peppermintfarm says:

    I’m so glad Iggy that you finished up your chores in the horse barn. It’s really bad when a nice woodchuck like yourself.

    Ha, this is a laugh. French running for prez via Kristol. He works for their magazine.

    He’s not going to get many votes and Kristol is a real PIA thinking he can choose better than we the people. What a bloated head he has!

    Now Gary Johnson is causing a bit of an issue with 8% of the voters supporting him. I saw this on Newsmax last night. He may gain more and already 8% is a enough to cause havoc.

    Add that French kiss with his 10 voters and I don’t think there is much to worry about with him.


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