Trump entering the great Unknown

Off we go int the wild blue yonder. That’s the sentiment I feel. so we enter a new era — or error if you naysayers prefer — of the great unknown of Trump. We entered still not knowing where it will lead, or what the way out will look like if there is one. Or does this, as some say, change everything into the future forever? I’m not quite sure yet being a bit more a realist, based on what we can see so far. But compared to what we now have….

Let me add some color to that, not necessarily between the lines because many of them have been erased. I take all this mostly as a good thing, as I have for months . But I know how many people disagree or question even mild optimism about all the Trumpism.

Now that the confirmation is official that he is R-nominee, there is a period at the end of the sentence. I’ve been flushing out some of my unspoken thoughts. I haven’t changed my mind on things due to Trump. I don’t have any phony reasons for supporting him. I have my own conservative philosophy and Trump meshes with it in many ways.

First, what is needed in the US. We keep looking, hoping for a Reagan. But I’m not sure there is one, or that it is possible anymore. In some ways, America moved on since the Reagan years. Sadly, we disintegrated after the pinnacle of Reagan. His legacy now is even twisted or skewered regularly by liberal Democrats. Though I still remember much of the criticism then. They really ganged up on him at the time and it had an effect with the public. It finally became clear that we were lucky for his leadership and wisdom. They could not take that support away from him. Trump was demonized, but then it backfired.

Trump vs Fox the real reality series — Exhibit A.

“How Trump Beat Fox News”

By Amy Moreno May 29, 2016 (excerpt)

Donald Trump is me because he said out loud the things I had been screaming at my TV for 8 years. He validated the anger I felt at my political party for deceiving me – and even more importantly, thanks to Trump I began to understand why they betrayed me. Donald Trump woke me up from a clueless slumber where I assumed that if you had an “R” in front of your name we were on the same team.

Boy, was I wrong.

So, when my BFF Fox News began attacking Trump with an endless array of snarky comments and a parade of nonstop negative commentary, they weren’t just attacking Trump – they were actually attacking me – and I defended myself, my point of view, my frustration, and my lifestyle by fighting back.


I took to social media and I boldly pointed out every snarky comment and bias criticism spoken by my friend Fox News. From the rolling eyes of Dana Perino to the petty one-liners of Greg Gutfeld, every unfair jab at Trump was addressed – because those stupid facial expressions and juvenile zingers that were intended solely for Trump, struck the heart of millions of disenfranchised people who had been screwed sideways by an arrogant government and shunned by elitist pundits who whistled irrelevant tunes from gilded cages – both of these groups blissfully detached from the real-life struggles facing the very people they professed to support, understand, and speak on behalf of. ,,,/

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The common denominator is a lot of people identified with Trump. His words were different and his ideas had outsider written on them. Whatever you thought of him, he was definitely not the establishment pick. Fox only confirmed the mountain of estabo opposition to him. The more they said no way can he be the nominee, the more he kept winning. It seemed he only became more popular in spite of all their criticism.

The multifaceted Trump campaign is nothing we’re seen before. Multifaceted because he is running multiple campaigns all at the same time. He runs against Clinton and his political opponents, which is one big campaign. He also has to run against the media and Left-wing attack organizations — a few more. Trump ran a successful attack on media. Something I haven’t seen another candidate or politician do. Then he has the business campaign that attacks his business interests, plotting against him. Most of it may be coming from the Left but there are still various campaigns.

The beauty is that none of the common negative expectations have worked so far. Trump is unique and so are his results. Odds that before were insurmountable now aren’t. Undefeatable opponents no longer are. That is the good news. The bad news is that it all does not stop. In fact, they are trying even harder. The attacks come from everywhere: media, pundits, Hillary and her many surrogates, organizations and protestors. Almost anyone who has an interest in opposing Trump. Since he represents change, that means almost everyone. Funny how a lot of people don’t want change. On top of it all, now attacks come straight from Obama and the White House, even while on foreign shores.

Obama had his live from Asia jabs. He claims to speak for the world leaders. He sure made a mess of his loyalties. Trump is somehow the problem. Funny how people think just the opposite. Obama the wrecking ball of the US passes judgment.

That’s where the great unknown optimism comes in. Usual politics do not seem to apply. The danger is it could lead to an overconfidence that he cannot be stopped. Finally something has worked to oppose status quo, the media and politics as usual. And it has been messy, what would you expect? So some world leaders are rattled. Since when is that a major concern? But maybe a certain US pric is rattled, and that’s a good thing.

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One comment on “Trump entering the great Unknown

  1. Now he’s got everyone including his own party knocking him about. Trump is going through the depths of hell to become president and I hope he can withstand it. I hear comments that his poll numbers are going to drop to at least 10 pts. But so far from what I’m hearing from callers on Newsmax people are supporting him no matter what.



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