Feel the Bern… oh the pain

Hillary Clinton has officially hijacked Bernie’s movement.
And she did it wearing a 12,000 dollar Armani jacket.

Hillary announced that she set yet another historic precedent moment.
So I’d like to continue the history-making trend by indicting her.

Cost of announcing this historic moment — 12,000 dollar Armani jacket.
Cost of making history by indicting Hillary Clinton? — Priceless.

Hillary for Prison

Scratch the Armani

Hillary declared she is now the presumptive nominee.
Someone should have told Bernie that Hillary was the “presumptive nominee” the day she entered the race. So when was Hillary Clinton not the presumptive candidate?

Hillary added she will be taking a few days off to “absorb all the history we made here.
Well, I’ve already absorbed all the history we made here — as challenging as that was.

Benghazi, lies, servergate, speechgate, Clinton Fundation — investigations go on.
We should shatter another glass ceiling and indict the heiress of treason.

Losing in 08, she said that glass ceiling now “has about 18 million cracks in it.”
That happens to be less than the 20 million Hillary made on speeches in 2 years.

Hillary liar

Hillary fired

Hillary should also be the presumptive nominee of the Leavenworth primary.

Scratch and sniff all the scandals…. Wake up and smell the history.

11 comments on “Feel the Bern… oh the pain

  1. Wow, unbelievable how this person and Obama haven’t been impeached by now.
    What has happened to the guts of the American people to allow this three ring circus to continue.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    I feel the pain quite intensely. I burn at the thought of this criminal breaking the ceiling she speaks about. The only ceiling she should be breaking is a maximum security prison such as you mentioned.

    I feel the history all right and it is making me sicker all the time. Our history as a country will be gone if she is elected president. Our rights will be gone. Our Constitution will be up in flames for sure this time with all the liberal judges she plans to place on SCOTUS who believe it’s a living, breathing document which will erase whatever freedoms we once had. Not that we have many freedoms left after Barry, the Fraud.

    I’d never want to scratch or sniff her lottery cards as the stench of the devil and all her evilness would fall out making it almost impossible to fumigate the air. Talk about the air quality. We’d need the air cleaned but for this the EPA wouldn’t touch it.

    Anyone who votes for her, and I mean everyone, is a traitor to this country!

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  3. Bullright says:

    This is not Obama’s endorsement of Hillary, it is the WH’s — et Washington cabal’s — endorsement of Hillary.

    Full White House press conference, live fed, on Obama’s endorsement for Crooked Hillary. And his campaign plans with her.

    Yep, it’s complete….signed, sealed, delivered, she’s yours.


  4. Bullright says:

    Historical opportunity is here.. Only rarely in life does one ever get the opportunity to vote against such an awful and evil candidate like Hillary. Don’t miss this chance…. it could be your last one.

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