The working assumptions of Never Trumpers’ calculations

Check out Ben Howe’s spot on Fox. He explains his Never Trump strategy. He lays out the objective and means of the movement or, as many would recognize, the Ends Justifies the Means reasoning. From his FB post — Exhibit A.

(FB comment)Yes I know I need to work on my smirking. I can’t help it. When people say “will of the people” it makes me want to barf. Trump got 40% of what amounts to a portion of one party. The will of the people is not heard until November. Until then, it’s difficult not to smirk when people act like the noble thing to do is close our eyes and support this maniac.</

As to questions on ignoring millions of voters in the primary process? (video)

“I would prefer a third Party or Independent candidate step up precisely to avoid that argument…. but I do think that [Trump] is destructive enough, not only to the GOP but also to conservatism in general, that whatever short-term fallout there is from replacing him would be offset by stopping this runaway train that will destroy the GOP.

Okay, say nothing about the destruction of ignoring the primary voters’ decision. He’s willing to ignore short-term blow-back problem of ignoring the primary results, in order to fulfill his fantasy for a different candidate.

Yes, he smirks at the thought of primary voters being ignored in his scenario.

Then he goes on in posts in defense to say the voters have not really decided yet, but will decide in November.Whatever exactly he means by that. This election process doesn’t count, only the results in November count? How does he conclude a drop-in candidate would have more support than Trump — like he is criticizing Trump’s vote margins? And would he say his candidate did not get a clear majority of GOP votes? Of course not that doesn’t matter. Folks, this is the kind of rationalization we have.

For a hint at Howe’s political strategy, his tweets have already been used by Think Progress in a Never Trump piece:

So he will not vote for egomaniac Trump, but he will actually pull the lever for Hillary Clinton. He also has instructed other like-minded people to do the same.

The Blaze had these statements from Ben:

“Fighting for the survival of conservatism, even as the party falls apart, is more important than any distaste you may have for the alternatives,” Howe said. “Donald Trump cannot be allowed to define conservatism for the next four years.”

Howe is so committed to the movement against Trump, he even advocates supporting Clinton in order to deny Trump a victory in November.

“My hope is for a viable third-party candidate, but I do believe that if that doesn’t happen, stopping Trump is more important than preventing Hillary,” he asserted. “As such, yes, I’d encourage anyone who looks at Trump as being as dangerous as I believe he is to pull the lever for Hillary.”

But backup, he went so far as to admit Trump has a decent shot at winning, unlike many other Trump critics. And that is why he actively encourages people to vote for Hillary.

“They’ve also incorrectly assumed that Trump has no shot at winning the general election, which I think is false,” Howe told TheBlaze, adding that he believes many anti-Trump conservatives will stay silent because they don’t want to admit “they’d rather see Hillary in office than Trump.”

So the guy has already made the case for voting for Hillary over Trump. Then he reasons that Hillary, at least, would be better for conservatives in the long run than Trump. We can survive Hillary as he puts it, but not Trump. Well, neither of those is known, it is just his guess. Apparently the wisdom of Ben Howe has factored into his equation all the actions Hillary would take and what it would do to our country as well. Some would probably say we survived Obama too. At what cost?

Yes, I do understand their point and what they want to do. But this is to say “let’s just trash this election, too,” making it three in a row now for progressive Democrats, because we cannot get a suitable candidate in there. Burn it down, which sounds a lot like spite.

The time for searching or injecting their preferred candidate would have been months ago, in the Republican process. Or at least chose a candidate to run in the general. But they are doing all this talking without even putting forward a candidate. Probably because no one wants to be a spoiler and sacrifice his/her career, such as Ben Sasse.

Romney only said he would stop trying to recruit a candidate when no one would agree to run. Never Trump even floated the idea of Mark Cuban, asking him to run. Never Trump is now a general platform for anyone to get recognition by opposing Trump.

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11 comments on “The working assumptions of Never Trumpers’ calculations

  1. I wonder where the Bozos are coming from. This man in my book is no conservative. He is a Liberal disguised as a conservative.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    This Ben Howe is an idiot.

    If he wants people to vote for Hillary instead of Trump, he’s advocating treason because she is guilty of treason for arming known terrorists, for putting our national security at risk with her server.

    This is sour grapes to the max. He would sacrifice the country to Hillary Clinton, a Marxist, who most likely will make an attempt to get rid of our guns, close down our Constitution with her most likely very radical leftist and commie judges to the Supreme Court.

    He doesn’t seem to care about any of this. After she got done, where in the hell would a “conservative movement” go? There would be no place left in our country for it.

    Electing Hillary is the total destruction of our country as it is. And after she would serve most likely 8 years, just exactly how does he see a conservative ever being voted in again. Hillary will make sure that all illegals get the right to vote making it an assurance that the Democrat/Commies stay in office forever. There would be no going back. Period!

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    • Bullright says:

      So right, and that’s just what they want…no going back. Sure, maybe we just barely got through the Obama years. (I don’t know if I’d say survived) But being under their agenda for 16 years? I don’t know what survives that.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        One could say we’ve barely survived the O years. I’m not so sure I feel like I survived it except I guess I’m still alive but driven half out of my mind.

        But NO, we can’t survive another 8 years of Hillary. If she’s elected, we are simply doomed to more misery and more pain.

        As I said to you, she will have a 2 term presidency because no way will she be voted out after a one term since she would be the first woman president.

        All I know if she’s elected in November I may not be able to get out of bed for weeks as I’ll be lying there in the fetal position.

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  3. […] The working assumptions of Never Trumpers’ calculations […]



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