It takes a village to elect a Crook

f You might say it takes a village of morons and idiots to elect a crooked criminal like Hillary Clinton. And if they’ll put her in once, then they certainly cannot say no on round two.

Like we don’t already know that. But that’s where America is though. One criminal out, another ready to waltz through the White House door. She isn’t sneaking in. No, she is basically the crowned heiress, anointed. From one unindicted traitor to another. And don’t get me started on her obsession with the vagina vote.

Not all crooks are savvy enough to run for office, much less for President. It takes skill and coordination. The Clinton’s have put all their skills to use, to benefit themselves. Then they assume you cannot stop them. Their mission has been successful so far.

Hillary gave two speeches attacking Trump. The first was not enough, she had to go for another bite of the apple. Then she complains about being personally attacked.

So now the Donald unloaded on the Queen of Preen. It did not paint an attractive picture of the diva of destruction. He said she could be the most corrupt person to run for the office.

The big advantage Hillary has is Dems line up lockstep and repeat her attacks. It’s what they do. Are you ready for their thousand points of attack? Well, so far her all-star lineup included Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Cecil Richards. Now she met with Nancy Pelosi in the House caucus to strategize her chorus of Chihuahuas.(no offense to breed) How many will be needed and used before it’s over? A village.

RightRing | Bullright

7 comments on “It takes a village to elect a Crook

  1. She does have a whole village of idiots (the Commie/Dems to protect her from anything including being indicted. She does get away with everything she does as the Clintons always have. And she’ll get away this time again.

    At least she has the whole Commie party willing to stand up for her no matter what instead of the Repukes NOT standing with Trump, but attacking him at every turn.

    So it makes one wonder who are the real village idiots.

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  2. Hardnox says:

    Loved your title. 🙂

    Yup, it takes all the village idiots to orchestrate a narrative to confuse the lemmings.

    I love it that Trump fired his first shot at the Hildabeast. I know it left a mark, hopefully another clot. Calling her a serial LIAR and unfit for the presidency is unheard of in presidential politics (except coming from the left). Trump will no doubt expound on all his points and drive them home. There is so much ammo. The part about using her position as SoS as a hedge fund manager to extort contributions from foreign leaders to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for favors was outstanding.

    We need a bare knuckled brawler like Trump to counter the dirty fighting left. Looking back, I never thought any of the other candidates were up to this job except for Trump. Imagine what Cruz would be saying now. There would be semi-polite memes while the left would be eviscerating him.

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    • Bullright says:

      Right, when have we ever seen this amount of truth telling? I haven’t. Sort of refreshing instead of like: “will the gentle lady from ___ please sit down and put her lipstick away? I reserve the balance of my time..”



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