Rerun Romney still on the 2016 fence

Romney rerun, or is it déjà vu all over again?

Romney, still wanted after all these years …. so he thinks.


Washington (CNN)Mitt Romney’s family is still pleading for him to mount an independent bid for the presidency, the 2012 Republican nominee said Wednesday.

Romney, speaking to CBS News’ John Dickerson at the Aspen Ideas Festival, said a son asked him as recently as Tuesday to do so.

“My wife and kids wanted me to run again this time, interestingly enough,” Romney said. “I got an email from one of my sons yesterday, saying ‘You gotta get in, Dad! You gotta get in!’ ”


Hey, Mitt, what part of America does not want you don’t they understand?
Is it the accent, or maybe the translation? They are a little dense like you.

Oh, I keep seeing those planted comments on social media: “Go Mitt, America needs you.” Well, neither America nor the GOP needs you, Mitt. It’s time to shut the hell up.

What happens in Aspen and what is said in Aspen should stay in Aspen. But just go ahead and try running again, Mitt, and you’ll think it was a cake walk last time. (actually, it was but that is beside the point)

Like the Jethro Tull song…”Thick as a Brick.”

10 comments on “Rerun Romney still on the 2016 fence

  1. Talk about flogging a Dead Horse.
    The Race is all but over.

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  2. Hardnox says:

    He had his chance in 2012 but he choked in the end and handed the election to Barry. STFU already.

    There is something wrong with this man (and his family) that suddenly NOW he is wanting to run. Hey Mitt, it’s June 30. He should have announced a year ago but his family said no. WTF!

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    • Bullright says:

      Right, Nox, I think that’s because he really didn’t want to “run”. He wanted to assume the role.

      He;s everything that is wrong with the GOP. Maybe he feels the urge to throw another race in the hopper. But his groupies (and family) are still out there backslapping him.


  3. peppermintfarm says:

    What an idiot! I guess he doesn’t understand English. We don’t want you. A 3rd run from the 2 time loser? And how would he beat Hillary. By sitting there like a dumbo allowing her to tell all the lies she can and he sits back and smiles? Forget about it Romney. You’re dead meat.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, he just is not getting the message, is he? He and Hillary could be on the same ticket. Actually maybe he is campaigning for her if he keeps going. Wait for the ads.

      He’s great at attacking conservatives. He likes Bill Weld. so maybe he should have teamed up with him? He’s road kill and doesn’t seem to know it.

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