Benghazi Report doesn’t phase the NYT

The NYT had their piece after the release of the House Select Committee report on Benghazi, and said that:

At a news conference at the Capitol on Tuesday, Mr. Gowdy praised as heroes the Americans who died in the attacks on Sept. 11, 2012. They included Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith, a State Department information officer, who were killed at the main American diplomatic compound in Benghazi by a mob of militia fighters who had been incited by an American-made video deriding the Prophet Muhammad. The fighters were apparently further inflamed by news of an assault on the American Embassy in Cairo.

See article:

Are we now going in reverse, or have we been transported back in time to the original lie about the cause of the Benghazi Attack?

8 comments on “Benghazi Report doesn’t phase the NYT

  1. Just Gene says:

    As those famous philosophers, Yogi and Frank used to say,”De jevu all over again”
    and “Holy crap”

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    We can always count on the NYSlime to help Dems/commies. Of course there was “nothing wrong with how she handled Benghazi”. What else could we expect from the infamous grey lady?

    And as far as I’m concerned Gowdy didn’t do such a good job with this either He wasted our money and the report didn’t say much about Hillary.

    Sure why not go back to the “film”. It’s about what you would expect and we can all kiss Benghazi good bye.


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    • Bullright says:

      It’s all in the rear view mirror to them.And they don’t want to look at that. We’ve been slimed. Gowdy didn’t live up to the expectations. Didn’t want conclusions or judgements. But Dems seemed to get ot all their expectations..

      Far as the money, Dems complain about the cost. But look at the millions and millions Hillary cost the State dep and archives. She deliberately cost our government in every way she could, then she complains about the budget that they couldn’t send security. She laughs and calls other people liars. So the Times just reverses the clock as if none of this were debunked.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        We’ve been slimed all right and now it’s “time to move on” via HRC. Yeah, like the families can ever move on no matter who says it’s over. Just because the NYSlime says so?

        I’m really disappointed in Gowdy. He didn’t place blame on HRC which IMHO he should have. Who else was responsible for the State Dept. If it wasn’t HRC!! For bloody sake this is beyond sickening.

        Yes HRC spends plenty of money but no there was none for Benghazi security. Now just who was responsible for that????????? She denied it was her responsibility. Then who was it. Ridiculous!

        I’m so sickened by all that has gone down this week I could scream. That stupid report and then the Bill/Loretta meeting. We know she’s gong to get away with everything. I sometimes can’t believe my own eyes.

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        • Bullright says:

          I almost can’t believe it either, but then it is the Clintons so it isn’t a surprise. Then it’s Obama too. All we need now is for media to add their buck and a half to it.

          And they will give Ben Rhodes competition for creative fiction.The bitch was so much help to Benghazi and now she acts like she’s helping out the FBI investigation. That should make anyone wonder. Part of media is already declaring there will be no charges on Hillary.

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            I think we can be assured that there will be no indictment. The fix is in. The media will play a large role in explaining why she wasn’t indicted, why she did nothing wrong, etc. The bill of goods is probably already written for us lowly peasants. Then everyone will be told to “move along”, there was never anything here to start. It was nothing more than a Republican witch hunt. Which is kind of funny since a lot of repukes are going to vote for her

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