Ignorance is an excuse

I’m sorry, ignorance is an acceptable defense, at least if you are Hillary Clinton.

Saved by intent. Lack of criminal intent says no criminal charges should be filed.

FBI Director Comey testifies about it’s investigation and his determination not to prosecute Hillary. Or as Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” In this case, it is the Director of the FBI standing in the gap, as both a servant of the people and a career.

You normally cannot find what you aren’t looking for, or don’t want to find.

Only in the land of the government oversight hearing would Democrats use the number and quality of all the hacking to government server systems as a defense for what Hillary did. Make that clear, the numerous government hacking mitigates Hillary’s private server arrangement — so she looks better than government by comparison. (I knew they could find a way to use all those hacks for some political purpose.)

Isn’t it interesting that the determining process here was “intent” because he had already — at some point — ruled out the negligence factor? Then, by design, he did not meet the bar of intent. Well, if he really looked very closely for intent. And as most of us know, we normally do not find what we aren’t look for or don’t want to find.

It is funny too that a body who does not want to see intent, even if it is 5 feet in from of their face, can see intent all over the place within the politics of the hearing.

Director Comey goes round and round saying there was no evidence astablished of intent, but then they really weren’t looking too hard for any, if at all.

Now we know if you are commit an offense or break the law of conduct in government, it is only prosecutable if they knew they were doing it or violating it.

At numerous times he appeared to contradict himself while navigating the circumstance of the investigation.

So you have here a Sec of State that is going around telling others not to use any private email for work related conduct, while she herself has set up her own rogue server in her house to use for all her communications. But that, when investigated, she is absolved of having any intent.

How can you scold others about following security rules and ignore them yourself, without intent? That’s right, intentionally ignore them yourself, for all your communications and not even set up a government account.

Gross negligence is not grounds to prosecute, but it is an acceptable defense of criminal conduct. But the greatest asset for the Left is to apply the Alinsky rules to the process to defend yourself. And when it doubt, play dumb, whether you commit the act, or whether you are investigating it.

As Comey put it, he has worked hard to “stop the criminalization of negligence.” Then he himself fell back on ignorance of not knowing certain details about the case, including motive. However, by defaolt, he implied there was no intent by saying he found no prosecutable intent — whether he was really looking or not. He didn’t find it.

I did not, in any way, coordinate that. Brings back some fond memories.

RightRing | Bullright

10 comments on “Ignorance is an excuse

  1. the unit says:

    We have witnessed a Dog (Barking Hillary) and Comey Show.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    This is so sick. Sure just say “I didn’t know”. I “forgot”. I “had no idea . I “had permission”. I “don’t know what you’re talking about”.

    That’s all it takes for the elites and Hillary. She’s a felon period. But, not by Comey’s law since he made up his own law.

    Now come to us, the peasants and soon to be slaves under the Hillary administration, none of those excuses will mean a thing. We will be kept to “their laws” and punished for them.

    Example: Guns are completely banned. So you’ve got a gun. Then you get found out. You say “I didn’t know they were banned”. Won’t work. You’re just a peasant and a slave.

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    • Bullright says:

      Yes he writes in or out whatever parts he doesn’t like. By trying not to create a double standard, he creates a huge double standard. Right, her lies don’t count cause we aren’t allowed to call a politician a liar — now that’s a scandal. We can’t even make the case she lied.

      Now its the new dumb defense, for Hillary, the most qualified person ever for the WH. Just too dumb to know better, Clinton. I wonder if that will be the defense for the Fundation scandal too? Too stupid to be indicted.

      Oh, they;ll have to make an example out of us, no matter how much effort it takes to prosecute us. But then we’ll be in the camps so no one will know what they are doing to us, no one will hear. No loopholes, benefit of the doubt or considerations will be given. We’re screwed.

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      • Peppermint says:

        Bull, I don’t know what Comey thought he was doing since he made himself into a pretzel to get her out of her crimes. Anything to save her to be president I guess.

        If she’s too stupid to know what a classified document is, which we know she is, then she’s too stupid to be president.


    • Bullright says:

      And we are the ignorant farm animals but that doesn’t make a diff.

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      • Peppermint says:

        LOL! Yeah I almost forgot we’re just ignorant, uninformed farm animals. What does one expect from some poor farm animals anyway? We’re just nice, docile animals minding our own business.



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