Trump Pence is the ticket

That’s right its Trump and Pence, no translation needed. I believe this is the logo.

Trump Pence logo

On the other side, Yawn if You’re with Hillary, has all the appeal of a rotten egg.

Now Tim Kaine appears to be auditioning for Hillary’s estrogen ticket. Clinton Kaine.

Sherrod Brown, who Biden likes as a choice, seems to be sliding off the radar. But because his name starts with “She” maybe he will make a resurgence. Though Hillary just cannot have anyone who threatens to upstage her. She’s counting on the vagina vote.

If you aren’t on the Trump Pence side, I guess you aren’t in the game.

11 comments on “Trump Pence is the ticket

  1. Hardnox says:

    I like Pence but i could care less about the VP. He’s the guy the prez sends to state funerals and is basically insignificant.

    I like it that Newt is now free to be Trump’s advisor or something.

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  2. Hardnox says:

    Btw, i hope Kaine is Shrillary’s choice because he has the appeal of a used car salesman. He sucked as our governor and sucks as one of our senators.

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    • Bullright says:

      He’s also been saying the corniest things like “VA doesn’t want a “you’re fired” President. They want a “you’re hired” President!” Out of touch and out to lunch.


  3. Peppermint says:

    I like the choice of Pence but I hope he doesn’t scare off the Indies and dems who crossed over to vote for Trump. Pence is viewed as severely right wing. But maybe it won’t make a difference, at least I hope not.

    Who knows who Hillary will choose. Sherrod is an awful person to choose but if she does that would get rid of him in Ohio. LOL!

    So Tim Kaine is auditioning? Oh, well. Does it really matter who she chooses? We know whoever it is will be a leftist goon. And I’m not voting for her.

    TRUMP2016! Pray!

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    • Bullright says:

      Hope he isn’t too starchy. I mean it is the only exciting ticket there is. 🙂 Let’s hope it a top seller. Should quell the naysayers and shut down criticism.

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      • Peppermint says:

        The pick should stop the criticism about Trump’s conservative views. It won t though. You can imagine there will still be critics as there always is.

        It is the best ticket in town and that’s who I’m voting for. What other choice is there? And I like the choice

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  4. I am excited Mike Pence was named, of course I’d prefer if he was on top of the ticket but we’ll take this. How long has it been been since we have had an unapologetic right wing Christian conservative in the race?

    I used to listen to Pence do talk radio here in Indianapolis and I have never heard a more honest and principled spokesman for the American / “family values” worldview.

    Trump’s new governor. This just might work. 😉

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    • Bullright says:

      Me too. I think its all positive. Though I didn’t know about his radio gig till recently, but it makes him even better to me. He’s got experience, what Trump wanted.

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      • Yeah, it’s kind of ironic… Mike’s nemesis on the radio back in the day was John Greg who was poised to oppose Pence in the upcoming race for governor of Indiana. Greg will probably win that office now but it seems Pence might just take the thunder to Washington. – I was actually looking forward to Pence and Greg getting back in the ring to ‘duke it out’ like the good old days – where Mike was consistently the victor – but now looking forward to him taking the fight to Shrillery. She will make a first rate mop.

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        • Bullright says:

          Sorry a little behind in replies but yes, Mike makes it interesting. I hear he is a good fundraiser too. That can’t hurt. I would like to see that but don’t know Greg, but he got off the hook. (libs usually do escape a face off)

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