Hillary’s road trip to hell

Hillary and Kaine, her latest partner in crime, boarded their bus heading west to campaign.

If you believe Hillary gave a great acceptance speech, then I have a bridge to the 21’st century to sell you. And if Bil Clinton ever built such a bridge then it would be needing a major overhaul or demolition by now.

Hillary calls for an intelligence surge abroad and an infrastructure surge here. But how about having an intelligence surge here, before the election, to put a roadblock on her highway to the White House? She should not be allowed near that infrastructure.

But Hillary proves she is just as shovel ready with BS as her comrade Obama has been. She claims she only has a hundred days to sell her brand of BS to the public and just hope they don’t know the difference. She’ll be dining on caviar and serving up shit on a shingle to the masses wherever they go. The stale old BS soup will be plentiful even if events like a stop in Johnstown, Pa will be closed to the public. Don’t let the public upset the apple cart.

These areas where jobs and economies have been hit hard are also where Trump has popularity. So Clinton is more interested in preventing Donald’s success and growth than she is about any real economic conditions. So what do you expect her to say?

Well, start with blaming any problems on George Bush and stretch her finger pointing all the way to 2008. Make sure they get that message. Never mind Obama’s anemic record on the economy. On the upside, maybe she can inform them all how many people she will be putting out of work or how many companies she will be putting out of business? Oh, that would take honesty; and we know her credibility record requires the willing suspension of disbelief. But what difference at this point does it make?

She’s on the highway to ….. don’t stop her.

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2 comments on “Hillary’s road trip to hell

  1. Peppermint says:

    Hillary’s trip to hell is so fitting. And she is the devil on the road trip. Of course she can’t tell the truth about what she’s really going to do. She is going to put a wet blanket on jobs by taxing businesses more. She’s going to tax the middle class up to their throats with all kinds of stuff, like gun taxes, soda taxes, carbon taxes, (a 25% percent tax on all families). That should really kill the middle class who have gotten nowhere in the last 10 years. And that is not all.

    She has no idea how to create any jobs as we can see from her policies.

    Yep she’s going to go to those states where she knows Trump has popularity and try to take him down. I sure hope it doesn’t work, but I know she’s going to tell every big lie she can in an attempt to turn voters off to Trump.

    She’s a monster. She’s the Darkness. She’s Satan.



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