Beating Hillary is Job Numero Uno

Defeating Hillary is the first priority now in everything because nothing else will be likely without doing that first. Its a very simple script.

No, that is not over simplification and not a duh moment. But the forces that be in resistance are just as unwavering, or more so. Their motives should be self-evident.

Take a snap shot of the current landscape.

DNC in turmoil — shakeup continues When was the last time a party chair had to resign literally on the exe of their convention?

Liberals have a gaint fracture over Hillary.

Breaking leaks and mass replacements in the DNC, in the height of an election, with more bad news coming. Corruption reigns on the Left.

Obama trying his damnedest to run interference, campaign for Hillary’s anointing. Even if he has to put his own international policy on pause to lauch a cruise missile at Trump. He declared Obama unfit behind the Presidential Seal. That from this Executive Pen President with his record?

The pay for Iranian hostages is verified. That’s a giant I told you so from America, and more proof of the failed deal and embedded corruption. Remember they claimed hostages could not be made part of the Deal.

Hillary not quite through with investigations. It turns out there is no proof of her taking the required courses for handling information. And there is no verification of her aides taking them either. The relative questions of that, with her campaign, are enormous.

Hillary comes out to publicly lie again in an interview with seeming impunity. But the media is preoccupied — by design.

Clinton has so much establishment pay-to-play baggage and scandal in her closet that they had to install a compacter. It’s so toxic no one wants to go near it. Stories of Democrat unification are grossly exaggerated. But who cares about that?

Now I mention all this to say, with all that going on, the biggest question was Trump’s comment on a Gold Star mother curiously quiet as her husband launched a full-blown personal and political attack on Trump at DNC’s convention. .

If all that does not tell the tale, then all you have to do is turn to the media. (pick whatever source you want.) All guns and microphones on deck, aimed at Trump.

But reports are only that the GOP is so divided; stricken by total disunity. That narrative started before the convention and hasn’t tamped down. Now there are media stories that key people in the Trump campaign are totally frustrated. “Turmoil within” as CNN reports it. Then there are stories they are trying to do an intervention with Trump. Come on. What we need is an intervention in Washington and nothing short of that will stop the addiction.

Do you see any questions asked of Hillary on her campaign or her problems and the DNC, or its great divide? Nope, all is good over there — wink wink.

After the RNC convention, Hillary compared it to the Wizard Of Oz. I would compare the DNC convention to Fantasy Island, where everything plays out according to a pre-written fantasy. A script and all star cast it had. That doesn’t make it more believable. But for the moment, at least, just accept it for reality. Never mind the consequences of it all.

Hillary has to go or the show never ends.

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