What to make of so-called ‘pouching’ fad

Lately there is a media celebrated fad in this election. They started calling it pouching.

Well, how many voters have switched to Republican in this election? But they don’t talk about that. Except media now spotlights every single one going to Hillary they can find. That’s supposed to create a picture so people think it is all the rage.

That is the point, this whole election is now about perception, and who plays that game? You guessed it. It’s not just the nastiest campaign and biggest smear campaign I ever saw, but it is also the most important, consequential election of our time.

Bur as to the pouchees? Are they really that dumb or just ignorant about Hillary, or both? It says more about who these pouched Republicans are than about Trump. After they’ve supported Hillary and been used as tools for Hillary, there has to be some consequences. I’d call them sellouts or traitors. Then there are all the people who made statements used in Hillary’s campaign. Well, there isn’t anything anyone can do now. Once again it says more about who they are, to be used that way.



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