Change in – Estabos out makes establishment mad as hatters

2016 was claimed ‘the year of Change.’ So why is it that they — Hillary media et al — trot out all the old, tired political operatives that are part of the Washington establishment culture as examples of why to oppose Trump? Estabos become political talking points.

Like Duh, what would you expect? Media repeating it over and over doesn’t make it any more valid. In fact, it should be a glaring positive that they are not happy about it. That’s a compliment. They have been groaning for months, it’s nothing new. “National security officials?”… about national establishment officials?

Yet media keeps repeating their establishment disagreement to scare us. We are in this position because of establishment hacks and career politicians serving their own interests. Let’s be very afraid of their loud opposition. Hayden, Ridge, Negroponte etc, shocked!

Those people are not exactly change agents and never have been. So let them bet against America. Let them vote their establishment ties. It’s the year of change not Status Quo establishment rule. Using these people to try and impress or convince people otherwise is useless. It won’t work. So they can either be part of the wave of change or be out.

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5 comments on “Change in – Estabos out makes establishment mad as hatters

  1. Peppermint says:

    The establos are truly crazy because they see their money pots disappearing if Trump is elected. The globalism would be cut to the quick. What our government lacks is any true individual who cares about our country or the people. A change would be the best thing to happen.

    No one is going to vote for these “propped” up candidates except perhaps the never Trumpers and the establos. I doubt if it will work. It’s like a dying man’s last wish to hang onto life as he sees his death coming near.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    They knew the change he offered (obama) was something they actually liked is what I think.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    Works for the elites. More money and goods for them with us peons as worker slaves, those that get to live.



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