Turncoats, losers, useful idiots are played

As far as I’m concerned, the Hillary campaign might as well be recruiting for the KGB if they are flipping people for Clinton.

From NYT “Hillary’s Summer of Love”

” Dozens of prominent Republicans have come out and said that they’ll vote for her or consider it, including, just last week, the Silicon Valley titan Meg Whitman, the Jeb Bush confidante Sally Bradshaw, and Maria Comella, a former spokeswoman for two of Trump’s most pugnacious promoters, Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.

You can expect that list to grow. The Clinton campaign clearly does. As Bloomberg Politics and The Washington Post reported last week, Clinton’s aides have gone so far as to set up something of a special operation — a defection watch — to monitor news accounts and any other public hints that a Republican leader is thinking of renouncing Trump, so that someone on Team Clinton can reach out and ask him or her to take the next step. The Times’s Jonathan Martin revealed that Clinton herself called Whitman a month ago. “

The breadth of G.O.P. affection for Clinton shouldn’t be overstated.” — More>

Sorry, but I think you just did overstate it and that is your whole point.

First of all, always beware of the hype especially when the left has a political objective. They paint a popular picture. We’ve all seen the video using statements of well-known Republicans through the primaries. I hope all those Republicans are proud to be used in this, her campaign.

With the Supreme Court at stake, national security, a swiss cheese border with sanctuary cities, establishment corruption woes and a 20 trillion dollar debt bomb at stake, they make it sound like “what’s the big deal?” That’s some powerful deception. So Hillary disinformation pros can talk them through the process. (brainwashing) What’s not to like? How can a rational person support that candidate from hell?

“She’s gone from Republican voodoo doll to Post-Partisan Barbie.” — Ouch

Really, PPB? I got a better Hillary doll in mind, right here.

7 comments on “Turncoats, losers, useful idiots are played

  1. Hardnox says:

    Proof once again that these Rinos were never Republicans anyway. They have nakedly exposed themselves as members of the UniParty.

    Now it’s official.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    These Republicans are traitors to this country if they are going to vote for Clinton, a criminal, who got 4 men killed in Benghazi, exposed an operative in Iran who was working with us and now he has been killed by the Iranians who found out about him. Never mind the scandals, the money laundering and numerous other traitorous things she has done.

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    • Bullright says:

      It doesn’t make any logical sense. I guess they don’t think the Supreme Court is important. Stick the short sircuited liar in there and expect what? With Hillary, everyone already knows what they are going to get. A vote for Hill is a vote for our destruction.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    I guess since most of these people are criminals themselves. (I noticed how many were listed as White House, former SOS, SOD, etc. They are in collusion with her destruction.

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  4. Peppermint says:

    Chug, chug, chugga, chugga, let’s all get on that HillaryRottenClinton Train!

    Don’t go by any of the country labeled as “fly over country” they’ve got guns, they’ve got ammo, they are violent.

    Chugga, chugga, chugga, let’s all get to the stores and make sure there’s no bread for them in the morning. Let’s have them stand outside in the cold all day long trying to buy a loaf of bread for $50 if there is any.

    Chugga, chugga, we’ve got tanks now and drones, we can take those peons out in a split second. More for us, none for them.

    Chugga, chugga, off to the FEMA camps for those peons. Those who can work we feed rice, those who can’t work we shoot down.

    Chugga, chugga, we now have our New World Order.



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