Hillary’s long train of abuses

Lines were blurred between Clinton Fundation and the State Department.

What lines? Was that like a laser line or something?

Clinton’s campaign response: “The idea that this was a conflict of interest is absurd.”

Oh, that fixes it. But what they really care about was Trump calling Obama and Hillary founders of ISIS. That’s serious stuff. Pay to play, not so much.

Or like David Gergen said defending it, that’s just the way politics works.

Those blurred lines will get you every time. Sneaky little things those lines.


5 comments on “Hillary’s long train of abuses

  1. the unit says:

    No conflict. All in the interest of Hill and Bill. Considering it otherwise is the absurd part.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    Blurred lines! Well we sure have enough of them in the State Dept. and nobody is going to look into this foundation pay to play crap. That reminds me of our notorious UNJustice Dept. No justice for peons and Hillary gets to skate by again.

    And what was all the hullabaloo over Trump speaking the truth that O and H created ISIS. They did by doing nothing.

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    • Bullright says:

      I don’t get their problem with it. Actually, Pepp, like we talked, I thought they were all proud of it and their accomplishment. The Mo Bros stay tight, don’t they? But Trump is wrong? I didn’t think they’d even argue over that one.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    Yeah i thought they were proud of their relationships with the Muslims including not doing anything to upset them. LOL! Poor innocent babies being blamed for attacks. Why, they were nowhere near the area when one happened. (sarc)

    I was shocked that such a big to-do over nothing about what Trump said because a whole lot of people believe the same damn thing, that they created ISIS from the sense they knew it, saw it through satellite and did nothing about it.

    No matter what he says, every news media is going to pounce on him. I heard someone on Fox say yesterday, there he goes, repeating it again. He won’t stop saying it. They think he’s insane. But he’s not.

    The media so hates the truth being told. They are allergic to it and break out in cold sweats and tremors when he does.

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