The long and windy Never Trump road

I have a few thoughts for Never Trumpers. Let’s just try a little logic. It’s pretty basic and simple. It is not exhaustive but take some highlights.

There are two scenarios. One is Trump wins, which leaves Never Trumpers gasping for air. The other is that Trump loses, which makes them complicit in the loss.

On its face you may think they are betting on Trump’s loss. Well, if he loses, then NTs will be a big factor in the cause of defeat. Sure they blame Trump but the reality is Dems have been using all the statements from these people for campaign ads. Often the worst critics of Trump have been these and establishment type people. So there is that blame.

Then if he wins, Never Trumpers are his greatest foe, they have a lot invested already.

Sooner or later there will be an end to this Never Trumperism. Even the Tea Parties had a shelf life. And what when the novelty wears off? They are reallly left out in the cold either way — either for being de facto Democrat operatives or being the stuck in the mud that do not or cannot get along with anyone.

If Hillary wins and Trump loses, the NTs bought the agenda. whether they actively voted for her or not. They did not stand up to stop her. They sat there as pundits in media and on shows as if the cat had their tongues, unwilling or afraid to form the simplest defense for Trump. They were useful Hillary pawns — dupes. And stopping her after a win will be almost impossible. Then there is the big question. Will they even actively work to stop her, being they did little to stop her from getting into office? Better to just do nothing.

Where does it all lead? I can’t tell you that .. but it is going to leave a mark.

RightRing | Bullright

11 comments on “The long and windy Never Trump road

  1. Peppermint says:

    Great post Bull!

    I agree with all you said. The NTs are going to have to take responsibility for the horrendous destruction that will happen after a Hillary victory. I put the blame on them entirely. They will have no friends left because the bitterness will be ever so deep on those of us who chose to try to defeat Hillary and later have to live with the rubble of what’s left of our country.

    As far as the pundits and the Repukes in Congress who refuse to support Trump and actively vote for Hillary or write in a 3rd party name, I consider them treasonous to our country. They would be complicit in putting the DEMON into office and God help them. They will pay for it.

    A list is already going around of who these repukes are and the next election for them will be an ouster. It should have been for the globalist traitor, Omnibus Bill, bitter Paul Ryan. But Wisconsin is a weird state with mostly liberals there. I think the liberals all voted for Ryan because he is for open borders and Muslims coming here.

    The NTs use the same language as liberals, repeating their words about Trump. So if all these so called conservatives think that’s what they are, they are NOT. They are liberals in disguise.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, you are right. They are certainly doing the work of liberals for them. Notice how quiet libs are while all the damage is done by the never re-pukers, and the vicious media. (as if media needs any help trying to take Trump down.)

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  2. Peppermint says:

    Yeah, hell the libs don’t really need to say much since the repukes are jumping all over Trump on a constant basis. They must be laughing their butts off at this scenario.

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    • Bullright says:

      I’ve never seen so many useful stooges. But they not only allow themselves to be used, they are thrilled about it. How many people said they would actively support and work to get Hildabeast elected? As you say, we need to keep score. They need to be remembered and not fondly.

      And I don’t care what their reasons were — pretty selfish if you ask me.I bet they are getting a few chuckles over there, especially with someone like Hillary with a record like hers.Then have people tout her credentials from our side of the isle. WTH? She’s an accomplished liar and criminal. They even ignore the SCOTUS appointments. Not only are they selling out but they are selling the country down the river. Makes me wonder if these people ever really cared?

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    • Bullright says:

      The latest being Carlos Gutierez (a former Bush guy) getting his 15 min for a big endorsement of Hill.(wet kiss and all) I hope it bites him. These are the same NWO Globalists you’d expect. But who are they supposed to influence? No one I know.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    Bull, their reasons are selfish. They would have to give up their pots of gold if Trump were elected. They are globalists. That in itself tells me they don’t care about our country or the people.

    Yes they are selling us down the drain.

    Hillary’s criminal record seems to be nothing to them. I think that’s because they most likely believe in her policies. Why else support her instead of an American loving person such as Trump.

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  4. Just Gene says:

    “I have a few thoughts for Never Trumpers. Let’s just try a little logic” Never Trumpers – logic – are you on the sauce?!?!?!?

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