An indictment on Global Elites’ feel-good policies

So how many ways can you say wrong? We’re continually scolded for our dissent, about those noble intentions of some of the worst policy failures of our time. We are not supposed to concentrate on the failures, but on intentions of do-gooder libs that supported it.

Case in point Peggy Noonan’s indictment on Angela Merkel’s refugee crisis.
Note: Intentions do not cancel out results.

USA Today

Global elites, Peggy Noonan notes, no longer seem to care about their countrymen. They’ve cashed out into a separate world, where consequences don’t apply to them, and where loyalty to other members of the global elite outweighs such petty concerns as patriotism or loyalty to one’s fellow-citizens.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Noonan notes the case of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Without consulting the populace, Merkel opened up Germany to 800,000 refugees from the Middle East. More than a million wound up coming, and the tide hasn’t ebbed yet. …/

Germany is, alas, just one such example. In the United States, Noonan notes, Syrian refugees are being placed in the poorest communities — not the rich suburbs in northern Virginia or Maryland where the powerful people who run the government live, but in communities already facing problems that they’re barely dealing with.

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But as the results roll in, time after time, week after week, just remember the good intentions of the feel-good policies of the elite. And don’t question their ability… or those intentions. Pay no attention to the opposite results. Do we want to see this happen here, we need more examples in order to resist it? Shame on us.

It was interesting to see Jeb Bush highlighting this article and says yes, “she [Noonan] gets this right.” Really? It’s an indictment on his feel good politics and his elitism. Never mind, do you think he got that? Nah.

One comment on “An indictment on Global Elites’ feel-good policies

  1. Peppermint says:

    And Hillary will be our Angela Merkel. How sad, how awful. We’ll be inundated with these beasts of the “religion of peace”.



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