The Day has Come

I never thought or expected to see the day that the collective press/media would become a chief adversary, even an enemy, but that day is here.

Well, it is just happened to really hit me that way. Regardless of all our problems, government corruptions and failures, the “press” has now positioned itself in such a way that it is a chief adversary (if not the foremost one) and just a tool of the power.

Sort of scary. One can look at all the reasons and motivations. That is one hell of a revelation to come to terms with. I thought I had witnessed many problems before.

We know all that stuff about the idea and main purpose of the press — the ideal. However, it made itself into this hyper-politicized, bias oriented institution in general. They’ve picked their side, the battle lines have been drawn. We’ve defined the battlefield and the strategy is unfolding before our eyes. It not only applies to politics but it is an ideological adversary — even a radical one.

Not a scenario I had expected to this operational level. The saying is know your enemy. What happens when the press/media finally becomes a determined enemy of the people? Couple that predicament with the most critically import election of our time.

This was on top of another observation a while back that we don’t really have a free press. So I wondered, after these many years, maybe the press did not want to be free after all? Not anymore anyway. That used to be a major difference we had to other places.

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4 comments on “The Day has Come

  1. Peppermint says:

    “Journalism is dead” quote by Sean Hannity. No longer does the media report news, but now they have become as you said, our enemy. They no longer just report news, but now they just push the agenda of the radical left. Anyone on the right can forget about hearing any truth as they fashion anything against the right, no matter how many lies they tell.

    Not only are they mouthpieces for the radical leftist agenda, but they make stuff up. People need to stop listening to them and make their own decisions based on articles that are fair.

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    • Bullright says:

      So true, Pepp. Does anyone think all this is not a problem? Like you say forget about hearing the truth. But that should, in a rational world, start to bother the Left too. Remember they are big truthers, so they say. So the left is being lied to as well. (since they are driving the stake into the heart of truth)

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