Hillary can’t hide from the truth

Hillary is like the first female ambassador of ISIS. She aided in creating ISIS. Now she claims they are rooting for Trump to win. Why would they do that, when no one did more for their efforts than Obama and Hillary?

Counter Jihad

The result was that the western part of Iraq once again became fertile ground for an Islamist insurgency. ISIS swept western Iraq because of the failures of Hillary Clinton and her boss, President Barack Obama.

But that is only half the story. ISIS also exists in Syria. How is it that the United States allowed it to survive there? Lee Smith, at Tablet magazine, points out that letting Syria fester was the intentional policy of the Obama administration — in order to cosy up to Iran.

Audacity: Clinton Claims ISIS ‘Praying to Allah’ to Elect Trump

Probably the scariest part is that she falls for propaganda and apparently gave up critical thinking some years ago. Now she says trust her to protect America’s interests.

For someone who will not say ISIS terrorists are Muslim or Islamic, she claims they are praying to Allah over Trump. I bet they are secretly hoping for Hillary — in their Islamic way — who’s been very, very good for them.

Conclusion: Hillary needs to be put out to permanent pasture with her hubby, Bubba and fenced off from public service, ever.

2 comments on “Hillary can’t hide from the truth

  1. Peppermint says:

    Yes indeed. That old hag mare has been around far too much. Putting her out to pasture would give this country a huge relief.

    She can’t run this country. She loves the Muslims. She and her bud, Obama allowed ISIS to develop and she has the nerve to say ISIS wants Trump. They don’t want him. He’s going to bomb the hell out of them.

    And somebody ought to bomb the hell out of the Clintons.

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  2. Hardnox says:

    If we actually had a media that practiced even the slightest bit of journalism then Hillary would have been long gone as would many of the crooks that we call politicians.

    I find it amazing that she is the best that the left has to offer.



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