Time for a word about Deplorables

Occasionally Democrats come right out and tell you what they thinnk of people, or in this case the voters. They remove the shallow mask then they dig in.

That’s exactly what Hillary did with her “basket of deplorables” comment. She only excused herself from the term half. Well, Hillary what part is it then that you despise as deplorable?

Of course you would never hear her condemn the BDS supporters which are a big chunk of her base. That’s a real question. But she did pander to AIPAC that she disagreed with the BDS movement. Anyone really believe that? When it is a base issue of their platform, I doubt she would ever do that.

Hillary went to the deplorable level in a practiced line she thought was clever. But it shows they have no problem attacking Americans. So she is such a Basket of Desporation that her campaign lashes out to attack voters — not only her. Bill campaigned for Hillary calling people racists, particularly southerners. (interesting that they are trying to roll Georgia into Clinton’s column) Then bubbling Bubba went to Pennsylvania to attack “coal people.” Then Hillary made up a whole list of deplorables, trying to cover them all.

As Bill Clinton put it, the coal people voted for him twice, now they bash Hillary and Obama. So they deserve to be attacked and slurred. Anyone who opposes Hillary will have a name thrown at them, just as Obama did the bitter gun toting, Bible thumpers, then repeatedly bashed Christians. Why any Christians support Obamoa is beyond me.

Then we are called Birthers, and now we are grouped into the Alt-Right as their latest label if we are critical thinkers who think outside mainstream media parameters. So take your pick for names. Like Peppermint Farm said a while back, there is a list of names and phobias for us and more on the way. However, they succeeded in defining themselves.

This is the elite establishment view and nothing new. They despise the people especially when they are in their way or a threat to their power. We become names and charicatures. That’s what they think of us. We are the scourge. Obama poked fun at us that we just don’t understand — we are dummies — if we disagree with them. We are stupid, uneducated, racists and bigots since they want to define our sinister motives for opposing them.

We’ve even been called names from the right. Some Repubs play right into the Left’s script and do the work for Dems. Never Trumpers called us names, even appear as headliners in Hillary ads condemning Trump and his supporters. Now there is even a Never Trumper pac running ads against Trump.

So we’ve seen it across the board. Tea Partiers were a pejorative. Racism happens to be their favorite. Now Dems have gone beyond that to labeling people unwitting agents of the Russian Federation. We are called ignorant traitors for questioning Obama’s “lead from behind” foreign policy. You can’t get much lower than that. Though some Republicans have proved to be willing dupes of the Marxist left — too masny.

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4 comments on “Time for a word about Deplorables

  1. Just Gene says:

    Did you see Pepp’s – “Assault on Christians?”

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  2. Peppermint says:

    Bull, you nailed it! We, the people are nothing more than “being in their (elites) way. This of course means the whole government is turned upside down.

    We are attacked at every chance by the elites, the Clintons, The Fraud Obama the whole democrat/commie party, repuke traitors.

    It’s out in the open now. So there is now doubt for anyone to see the whole truth of what they think of us.

    Now how could any sane person vote for Clinton is inconceivable to me. Voters know exactly what she thinks now. It wasn’t a “misspeak”. It was a prepared statement.

    According to the Constitution as you well know it’s “by the people, for the people”. Now all is for the elites, by the elites. Already and without thinking the Constitution was actually shredded some time ago.

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    • Bullright says:

      Exactly, it is just accepted as the new normal now. We’re supposed to accept it. And it’s a sport for elite Marxists. They get laugh lines on lies they spout about us. Yep, they’d have us believe if we just shut up they’d stop their assaults. No they won’t, that’s the biggest lie some Republicans believe.

      Even if you gave them what they want(demand) they’d still attack the people. It’s what keeps their own Dems lined up in a row. “Join the Democrats s, you get to call everyone names,” In fact it is required.


      • Peppermint says:

        I imagine they all sit around laughing and making fun of us every chance they get. They are, after all, the elites and we are just the dumb barnyard animals they like to kick around.



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