Red Scare strikes the Left

After being deemed albeit irrelevant by Obama in 2012, the Kremlin worry is back. This time inflicting the Left and whipping them into a frenzy.

This time Hillary is leading the anti-Russia charge. Reset to Red Scare. But what won’t she do to try to pull off her anointing, even if she has to use Russia to accomplish it?

The new Red Scare? Russia ups role in world events, US elections

(CNN)The Cold War was supposed to have ended a quarter of a century ago.
But Russia is commanding center stage in a presidential election for the first time in decades and President Vladimir Putin is being portrayed as a sinister puppeteer looming over the bitter contest between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

Democrats have blamed him for orchestrating a huge cyberespionage operation using stolen and leaked emails to sow chaos and distrust in America’s democratic process ahead of November’s election. Putin’s even been accused of cultivating one of the candidates in the election — Trump — as an unwitting agent to further his quest to strangle US global power.


So the progressive, Marxist Left has found a useful whipping post along with Trump. But of course it is only for campaign election purposes. At the very same time, Kerry was making a “cease fire” deal on Syria.

Obama, after all, followed the Kremlin footsteps on Syria. Leading from behind the iron kurtain. They couldn’t have asked for a better stooge. And Obama promised Medvedev and Putin “flexibility” in 2012. Now they are collecting.

Suddenly, the Leftists awoke to see Russia scare everywhere. Gee, I wonder what could have sparked that? Now they see Russia directly involved in our election.

Well, that’s odd, considering Obama and the entire left mocked Trump for mentioning election fraud problems in our system. In a grand speech from the White House, Obama said Trump didn’t even have a valid concern until after the election.

Finally, Hillary found something other than the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy to blame. Russia has already coined a new term for it called Russiaphobia.

Now the Red Scare is back with a vengence, temporarily anyway. Hackers in Russia have nothing over the political hacks here on the left. Maybe Russia will start running ads?

5 comments on “Red Scare strikes the Left

  1. Just Gene says:

    Are liberal professors and union school teachers showing the students how to hide under their desks – WAIT – that’s what they do when asked a question!!

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  2. Hardnox says:

    The left is setting the stage to blame the Russians for a Hillary loss due to a hack and thus the election void. Bet on it.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    It’s hilarious that during the debates with Romney that when he brought up Russia as being an upcoming problem, Obama laughed at him. So now Russia is the biggest problem for Obama and Hillary. I’m laughing myself sick.

    And it’s not because Russia started commanding the world as the No. 1 leader but because they believe Russia is hacking the election and they are afraid somehow they can’t win with Russia doing this.

    But, how do we know for certain that Russia is hacking our elections? I don t see the proof of that yet.

    After all Obama told Trump not to worry about rigged elections until the election. So why Obama worried now. Obama says one thing and turns around and says something else. It’s fun to watch the convoluted and failed thinking of our “leading from behind leader”.

    Obama, with his “leading from behind” (the most asinine statement I’ve yet to hear) allowed Putin to become the “World leader” he enjoys right now. Anything Russia does is due to Obama and Hillary’s negligence and inability to carry out any kind of clear American policy. Therefore with this vacuum, Russia stepped in.

    Also it’s the Democrat/Commies who made it so easy to hack our election system that almost anyone could do it now if they have the knowledge. And that knowledge is online for anyone to see and guess what kind of code to put into those machines. Maybe China is going to hack our elections. They do seem to have very good hackers there to get all of our secrets they have done for years.

    This is just another diversion IMHO. A diversion away from their very failed candidate and failing in health candidate. Let’s all worry about Russia instead of the treasonous Hillary Clinton who had a private server that anyone in the world could hack and most probably did.

    Let’s all concern ourselves with Russia right now instead of the mounting evidence of the crooked and criminal acts of the Clinton Cartel.

    Yes, let’s all look at Russia instead of the fact that a known Traitor, who should go to prison, is running in this election cycle to be elected the next president. Nothing like already knowing you have a traitor to our country before getting into the Oval Office.

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