NY, NJ bomb suspect

So we have a terrorist “suspect” who was 1)known to authorities before, who was apparently 2)a bomb maker, who was 3)from Afghanistan and who was 4)not on a terrorist no-fly list. His name is Ahmad Khan Rahami …. not Stanley Loner Jones.

But the Clinton News Netwrok’s problem was with Trump mentioning “bombing” after the incidents occurred. Again, what we do know seems as troubling as what we don’t know.

Tweet of the Day

UPDATE: he was just “struggling to fit in”

The lesson is: when you come from Afghanistan — just struggling to fit in in America — you return to Afghanistan multiple times, then come back and start building and setting off bombs. Entirely a natural progression based on America and their ability to fit in.

‘Fitting in,’ like other Americans, now means bomb skills and blowing things up . Sounds just like every other American I ever ran across — regardless where he comes from. Geesh, what else is there to know?

Now if we could just start to profile screen for people just looking to fit into America.


4 comments on “NY, NJ bomb suspect

  1. Just Gene says:

    If it sounds like a bomb, explodes like a bomb, throws shrapnel like a bomb, we’re not sure what it is – WAIT – it’s a freakin duck!!!!!!

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    • Bullright says:

      Let it be known that 2 homeless people discovered the backpack with ied’s leading to the events unfolding. But De Blasio calls it an “intentional act.” The duck was “intentional,” film at eleven.


  2. Hardnox says:

    It’s obvious that the left is crapping razorblades over the prospect that Queen Hillary is tanking and Trump is on the rise PLUS these attacks play well into the narrative that he has promoted since announcing la year ago June.

    Hillary promises a 550% increase in unvetted muslims. Trump say “not so fast… we need to check them out first”.

    Gee… common sense trumps idiocy and is translating into an eventual Trump win. Who knew?

    I am looking forward to the debates when Trump skewers Hillary. Popcorn and beer at the ready.

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