One Incident Away From Mayhem

I don’t have to even write this piece to make the point. It’s all too true.

Society meltdown is just an incident away. How sad that our system cannot withstand any more than that? We’ve seen it over and over again.(Ferguson) One shooting or incident now triggers instant, almost endless anarchy. We are told this is in the name of peace and social justice. If this is social justice then who votes in favor of it?

No, it’s more of a means to some of their ends. The event, whatever it is, is just a means to another agenda. It erupts on a moments notice, anywhere, as if it were planned. Only the results look like it was anything but planned.

Problems with it are too numerous to mention. I’ve heard enough about the so-called “peaceful demonstration” BS. Peaceful it isn’t and any semblance of a demonstration is MIA. We get phrases like “otherwise peaceful protest.” Right, other than the violence and looting, and sheer anarchy, it is a peaceful protest. It doesn’t match the script.

Anarchy is not included in the first amendment protections.

“This is not who we are.” — Apparently it now is. Welcome to new Obamasized America.

I watch reality unfold in front of me live on TV. Reporters flood to the scene and protestors turn their violence on media as if they are the problem. Reporters are assaulted and blamed. So this is the new demonstration protest? Soon everything sucked into the violence of the red zone is fair game.

Then clergy are sucked into the whole “epicenter” as they call it. A word to clergy: do you realize you are also being played for tools? To what grand achievement?

Charlotte NC is now the latest in a long list of cities fallen to this new protest protocol. I’m sickened by what I see. So I have a simple idea.

First of all, to all the media, I know you have hours of the events from start to finish. The unedited footage should be strung together. Take that complete film to schools of junior high students. (for openers) Don’t narrate or describe the events in advance. Just show them the real footage without the opinions of news anchors etc.

After the film, ask them if anyone advocates for and wants to live in a society like that? Any student who does should be able to write an essay defending why. Students who don’t can write one, too. But I want to see advocates for that society explain their reasoning. Though I bet schools could not do that without injecting their opinion.

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9 comments on “One Incident Away From Mayhem

  1. drrik says:

    Normal consequences of a subsidized life with fatherless families and all of the easy routes out of the lower class exported overseas with the manufacturing jobs.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    Bull, none of these “protests” are peaceful demonstrations as we’ve talked. Nothing but anarchy ensues and anything goes. Looting, stealing, busting windows, jumping on and destroying people’s cars. If this is “social justice I hate to see what that really is.

    That’s a good idea about showing the footage without media commenting in schools, but it never would be allowed. These young people go to the worst schools possible taught by the worst teachers possible. They probably teach social justice” in these schools and may even want these young people to engage in it

    That’s considering that probably all liberals teach in these schools.

    We have the right to peaceful demonstrations, but there is no right in the Constitution for anarchy. Period!

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    • Bullright says:

      This is getting to be on a ridiculous level, when they pay no attention to the cop killings or their hate agenda. Well. they’re selling us a load of bs. And we sure can’t count on media to ferret out the truth. Since they don’t want the truth. It’s alright to ignore the rights of everyone else though.

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      • Peppermint says:

        What rights? Do the rest of us have any rights? Not when this stuff happens. Out the door! I’m sick of their BS and I’m sick of them using these “protests” to just steal.

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    • Bullright says:

      Sure, Pepp, two days of rioting and looting then the NG and all come in and they act like “we’re just protesting.” Of course when Obama Clinton considered the Benghazi attack a protest, well.

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      • Peppermint says:

        True enough. Not only does Obama consider mass anarchy as just a protest, he endorses it. He either says nothing or pushes it. After all he is just a “community activist”. He’d be in that crowd doing what they do if he hadn’t been interested in committing the biggest hoax on America by becoming president.

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  3. Bullright says:

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