The shaping of the political landscape

We are being told, for whatever their reasons, that the race is really over. Get used to the idea that Hillary has won — at least that is their message. They push their perception from all corners and media. What’s wrong with that… besides everything?

Problem number one is that there are some things not lost on the Left, at least the greater Left not enthralled with Hillary. They only wish they could successfully take on their party establishment in an effective way to usher in change. (certainly the Left doesn’t agree with the right) Though they would love and tried to stage a coup against their establishment status quo. And Wall Street connections are not popular with them.

So that creates the secret sauce. There is bound to be a lot of resentment within the Left having failed to take over and buck the entrenched elite estabos. They now immortalize Bernie the same way they did the Gore election, but to what end?

When the Left sees what the Republicans have done the one thing they cannot deny is that we effectively took on the party establishment. Sure there are fights and skirmishes now, which only proves the case. Even with the contempt of the anti-Trumpers and their establishment allies doing everything in their power to resist and fend off a takeover, they were not been able to put down the movement. They could not co-opt it either.

Now this has to be on the minds of some of the Left. They gave it a shot with Bernie, and it merged right back into business as usual. It was not even a real attempt that had a chance. It was fixed from the beginning. Leaked emails show it. They even had a blowup on the eve of their convention forcing DW Schultz to resign. Democrats and media stamped it all down easily, while they played up the dissatisfaction on the right. (they still are)

Republicans have to capitalize on that, as bad as it may seem to be on the right. We still achieved something the Left could not: we got a candidate nominated, through all those hurtles and protests thrown at us. Rub it in that the Establishment Party controls the Left. And having suffered through this coup attempt this year, Democrats will make sure it does not come that close to success again. There has to be some jealousy for what Republicans have accomplished. It must be extorted for all it is worth.

5 comments on “The shaping of the political landscape

  1. Hardnox says:

    It ain’t over until we say it’s over.

    The polls are bullshit, and as always the left is living in a fantasy land. This meme is only posited to discourage Trump voters from showing up since a great many dims won’t be voting for Hillary.

    The left and the UniParty are shit scared.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    Excellent post Bull.

    You’re right, at least we on the right managed to pull a coup on the establos. Now if we all got together and made it stick by voting for Trump, we would have one of the greatest victories ever.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    I agree.



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