Simple messages

We now see Wiki Leaks has more credibility than our media, press. Yet Democrats want to question the validity or motivation of damning emails.

It’s proven that Wiki Leaks is more believable than Hillary, who “requires the willing suspension of disbelief.”

Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri refused to accept her own email that attacked Catholics as true. They called for a Catholic Spring revolution. Denial. But the next day she jumped to highlight NYT’s story about Trump as damning. Her head pivots like The Exorcist.

So Hillary just wants to discuss her policies — lie 10,001. But which policy does she want to talk about, the one she tells Wall Street bankers and special interests, or the one she tells the public in her campaign speech? Which person of Sybil is she? Legacy of lies.

John Podesta assured the Left that he was already hard at work on a revolution in the Catholic Church. Wait, Bernie Sanders, who was running on “revolution” within the Democrat Party, was smeared and put down. Progressives aren’t revolutionists, they are strict authoritarians. Power is their means which is why they want it so bad.

But progressive agnostics have disdain for Christians, Catholics and the Catholic Church, and its positions on morality and life. As Secretary of State, Hillary and the administration was in bed with Muslim Brotherhood fomenting the coup in Egypt.(Egyptians hold them responsible for much of the damage) So they have a great track record on revolutions.

Libya turned into a failed state. They interfered in elections, even in Israel. They armed terrorists. They should be tried for treason, and now they want to foment a “Catholic Spring” revolution. They are calling for a revolution, well, everywhere except in their Establishment Party control — because that’s who they are.

One of the central points Mike Pence has made is how this movement of people in the country is fed up and wants change. But — to follow the media narrative — if all these fed up people in the country are not a majority, then America has a big problem.

So, again, the Wiki Leaks have more credibility than the media and Hillary Clinton. But we the people are the ones who need a revolution to reform our establishment masters. If the progressives are engaged in revolution against anything, it is against we the people. Their total political control is being challenged and they can’t have that.

RightRing | Bullright

6 comments on “Simple messages

  1. Peppermint says:

    Bull, very good article.

    I’m thinking this whole thing is going to come down to a people’s revolution. It only takes 3% as that was the percentage during the 1rst Revolutionary war. You stated “they” are at war with us”. Ever so true. So what will we do, lie down or fight?

    We see through Wikileaks all the things plotted against us. We see religion being taken away IMHO which is right in line with the Marxist doctrine. If she is elected our freedom of religion will be gone. Our right to own guns will be gone. Freedom of speech which is already under heavy attack is already very eroded.

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  2. Hardnox says:

    WikiLeaks may have very well driven a stake into Hillary. The Youts trust Assange.

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    • Bullright says:

      It’s pretty funny that witch has zero cred where all we do know has come from Wikileaks. And it is out of her control. Ha ha. Llike she’s running against Assange with no where to go. First person to ever hold her accountable…to herself.

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