A preface to a larger post

This is a preface to a piece I had in my drawer for months, and the product of months of thoughts on this election. It is a little nostalgia and a little rant, written over time.

Lengthy but I hope you could take time to read it. It is as finished and before the Clinton DOJ deal went down. I didn’t bother to update it. Everyone knows what happened. Things have only got worse since.

A lot has been said about this election, yet there is much that has not. This is just one individual take during the ongoing process. One other caveat is that I have never seen the amount of bias and outright campaigning from MSM. They cast their vote everyday. We get but one chance to vote. Theirs, in media, is ongoing right up to election day.


One comment on “A preface to a larger post

  1. Peppermint says:

    One can only hope that we, the people, don’t follow the MSM’s push to elect Clinton. But the numbers are not good. Hillary is spending tons of money on ads that are having an effect against Trump.

    You’re right about the most bias ever seen by the MSM and plenty of other globalist traitors who will sell us out.



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