Obama’s lease expired

Obama fashioned a new stump speech to campaign for Hillary in which he talks about himself. But he’s campaigning for Hillary, on his questionable approval ratings.

As the mantra goes, his “lease is up” and he is leaving the White house. Boo-hoo. Then he tells people that he is looking around to make sure he didn’t break anything so the Obama’s can get back their deposit.

Well, it is a little hard to compare the White House to the typical lease agreement many people have. But that is what he does. The terms cause the outrage.

It is not the deposit part that got me, it is the idea of him looking around to make sure he didn’t break something. What a metaphor to work with. Rich, “Break something?”

Let’s see what Obama broke. How about the Justice Department for starters? Then the IRS targeted political opponents. He politicized every department in government, even politicized the military. Politics is always in the air in DC, but he took it to new lows.

Nothing was beyond politicization to Obama. In fact, he acted as if that was the cure for everything, just what it needed. Sure, he complained about the politics. Yet he politicized the EPA, the borders, immigration. He expanded the Executive Order and process. He even politicized national security. He made “Global Warming” his ideological agenda. He substituted politics for dialogue. He lied to us about a terrorist attack.

He announced to our enemies what he will not do and downplayed their strategy and threats. He broke our government. Then he ran up the tab and stuck us with the bill. That’s what he did. Now he is making darn sure he didn’t break anything?

How about breaking our healthcare system? But he is not done, just out of time.

So Obama wants his deposit back. Well, we want our place back. But after what he has done, it’s hard to even recognize the place. It has depreciated rather than increased in value. Like Hillary, he used the office for his own personal benefit.

Now he is looking for his security but what about ours? He also broke the public trust and divided the country more than it’s been in modern times. The people want a change election and he is opposing that. We choose our tenant and leaders not him. He wants to get his deposit back and tell us who to lease to. Obama is only worried about his security.

RightRing | Bullright

3 comments on “Obama’s lease expired

  1. Peppermint says:

    Good one Bull. I like how you pointed out all the things he did break, including our country. Just think of all the debt he racked up too. Perhaps never to be righted.

    The stench of him and Mooch in the WH has to be fumigated before the next person occupies it as another renter. Of course if it’s Hillary there’s no need. Her stench may be greater then his.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    I hope the next president is Trump so we can see the WH lit up red, white and blue!

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