CNN, Wolf Blitzer want Trump to tone down attacks on the press

Here’s Wolf Blitzer, who says he is on a steering committee and he believes in the Freedom of the press. Fine Wolf, but we the people believe very much in free speech. That includes the right to call you out for your blatant bias.

I have an idea. Maybe if you weren’t so bias, and colluding with political allies the way you’ve been, then you might receive different treatment. Dial that in Wolf.

Wolf Blitzer pleads with Trump’s campaign manager to dial back attacks on reporters

By Christina Manduley, CNN

Washington (CNN)CNN’s Wolf Blitzer pleaded Tuesday with Donald Trump’s campaign manager for her to ask the GOP nominee to dial back his harassment against the media, saying it endangers reporters.

Kellyanne Conway responded by saying that part of the responsibility lies with reporters who tweet “negative” against Trump.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has lashed out at the media during his rallies, calling reporters a variety of insults including “dishonest,” “sick,” and “corrupt.”


Now let’s talk about all the reporters taking to the front pages to attack Trump and his supporters too — that’s us. And the closer it gets to election the worse. Just look at all the things he’s been called and the fear mongering about him. Oh Wolf calls that business as usual, and that’s to be expected. Well, Wolfy, I hope you get used to it.

The problem is that this time there is finally someone willing to fire back and Wolf doesn’t like it. Are we now like other countries where press is just another arm of the political power, and where it does the handiwork for the power brokers? It looks like it is.

Notice how Wolf calls criticism “attacks” on the press. But their bias and selective editorial control delivers attacks on Trump and the people every day. They even nuclearized the threat adding Russia and the nuclear arsenal into the mix.

Since people are now protesting CNN and others by saying “CNN sucks,” they don’t like the idea of protesting or our freedom of speech anymore. But they are all for the protestors of BLM and others in what media labels “mostly peaceful protests,” even when they end in burning property or violence. Just like they treated Tea Party protests, painting them all as sccary, angry, crazies — with liberals like the SPLC sounding terrorist warnings.

Now that Trump is in their sights, the same thing applies to him and his supporters. But mainstream media’s problem is people criticizing the media. That’s so not fair!

10 comments on “CNN, Wolf Blitzer want Trump to tone down attacks on the press

  1. drrik says:

    Il n’ya a que la verite qui blesse.
    It is only the truth that hurts.

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    • Bullright says:

      So right, I guess I left that little part out where stinging words were just too true. In the piece he went on to shudder at what might happen, you know with all that anger? Hmmmph.(never mind their “issues“)

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  2. Peppermint says:

    Aw, poor Wolfie Blitzkrieg! Can’t take the heat. LOL! So it’s OK for them to defile Trump 24\7, but it’s not OK to criticize them. What a double standard! Play the violins. But no one is weeping over CNN and its vile lies and bashing Trump. Plus their declining viewership. CNN SUCKS!

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, they particularly hate that CNN Sucks talk. Nasty they call it. Why is it that it is always the conservatives who get lectured? I’m sick of it. They’ve run a non-stop Trump-bash fest yet they cry like babies, They don’t just suck, they work real-l-y hard at it. Even MSNBC covers more of Hillary’s corruption express.

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  3. Just Gene says:

    Email just found – Hillary, Hillary, the people are picking on me – Wolfie.

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  4. Peppermint says:

    Bull, well let them be scared if they are such cowards. They do nothing but bash Trump and expect he won’t fight back. This is one time they got fooled. He wasn’t going to take it silently and I’m glad.

    All the while they don’t say one thing about Hillary’s scandals. And they expect others to be fair when mentioning them as CNN SUCKS. I’m sick of their biased reporting on Trump and nothing on the worst person around, Hillary.

    That surprises me about MSNBC. Of course I don’t watch either channel as you know.

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    • Bullright says:

      Yes, I do know. But I don’t really watch, I pretend to watch. All their pretend viewers will be leaving soon too. Nothing on Hillary or their Clinton Foundation — the racketeering caper of the century. They can spread a lot of lies though.


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