CFACT exposes GW gurus latest tactics

As Solomon said, there’s nothing new under the sun. Global Warming gurus roll out new program — which is a lot like their past ones — to Use kids.

Weather Channel goes Orwell



The Weather Channel released a video featuring kids lecturing their parents about global warming.

Just how much should we believe these children understand about the complexities of climate science?  Where did they get their information?

Indoctrinating children and using them to influence their parents is something right out of a dystopian novel.  It is a favored technique of tyrannical regimes of all stripes.

Here are some examples of the erroneous “facts” (and their refutations) recited by children in the video that Marc Morano posted at CFACT’s Climate Depot.  (His coverage made the Drudge Report):

Dear Mom and Dad:

CFACT’s readers know that these are propaganda talking points that do not stand up when studied under the unforgiving lens of real-world scientific observation.

Increasingly adults are not falling for the climate campaign’s false arguments.  Leonardo DiCaprio’s new climate film couldn’t rank higher than number 61 in the ratings as Anthony Watts pointed out at Watts Up With That.

That’s why they target children.

Hey Weather Channel, 1984 was a warning not an instruction manual!

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director
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4 comments on “CFACT exposes GW gurus latest tactics

  1. Recently the majority of Countries around the World signed an agreement on Climate change in Paris.

    World Leaders are advocating the implementation of the Climate change plan, as Climate change poses a very real and direct threat to the survival of all Mankind.
    An interesting and highly debateable hypothesis, considering Scientists have calculated the Earth being over 4.543 Billion years old.

    Then around the year 1724, Man invents the Thermometer, that’s a mere 291 years ago, then around 1850 Man starts to record a Methodical Thermometer based record of Global Temperatures, that’s a mere 165 years ago.

    In 4.543 Billion years many changes have occurred, the Ice age, Dinosaur extinction, Continents submerge and other emerge; Races of people are born and die out, all this as part of the Natural evolvement of the Earth.

    Now we have World Leaders telling us we have to change our thinking on Climate change, or we will all be Doomed, are they trying to distract us from the real threat of extinction? Terrorism and Man’s Inhumanity to Man.
    The Great Architect of the Universe must be disgusted to see his 4.543 Billion years plan destroyed in a mere pathetic few years of Mans existence.

    Global Warming will not lead to the demise of Mankind, Terrorism and Man’s Inhumanity to Man will wipe out all life sooner than Global Warming.

    Just to be on the safe side, turn out your lights when you leave the room, and turn off your air conditioner if not required, in the 4.543 Billion year plan your actions could be vital to our existence.

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  2. […] CFACT exposes GW gurus latest tactics […]



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