NYT Dismissing Hillary’s Scandal Palooza

The old, outdated Thomas Friedmanin NY Times was making a sales pitch to Trump people. (or was he saying that to try to attract some readers?) Here’s his buildup:

NYT Opinion

This is my last column until after the election, so I’d like to address the people least likely to read it: Donald Trump voters. Who knows? …/

Yes, Hillary Clinton is a flawed leader — but in the way so many presidents were. We know her flaws: She has a weakness for secrecy, occasionally fudges truths, has fawning aides and a husband who lacks discipline when it comes to moneymaking and women. But she is not indecent, and that is an important distinction. And she’s studious, has sought out people of substance on every issue and has taken the job of running for president seriously.


So he called Trump indecent. You know, indecent trumps corruption for a disqualifier. The other problem is you cannot call Hillary a leader. She has lead nothing, except the path to corruption. She has actually taken responsibility for nothing, though she claimed to. And her Legacy of Lies just doesn’t stop – Bosnia to Benghazi to servers in her basement.

She is an expert at deleting things and coverups, if that is a prerequisite for president. How can anyone marginalize and minimize Hillary’s faults and corruption?

One comment on “NYT Dismissing Hillary’s Scandal Palooza

  1. Peppermint says:

    Thomas Friedmanin is an idiot. If anyone is indecent it’s Hillary. She lies, is a sexual predator and a crook.

    What a bunch of BS coming out of his mouth! I hope no one listens to this nincompoop. He needs to go to a mental institution for being so delusional and being dangerous to the public. 🙂

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