Throwing Comey Under The Bus

Friday, CNN reported:

In a conference call with top donors Friday, campaign chairman John Podesta said a “hostile press corps” contributed to Clinton’s defeat. Other top advisers said Comey’s decision to take another look at Clinton’s emails stopped the campaign’s momentum and motivated Trump voters. That bombshell contributed to a significant fall-off among college educated voters “who fizzled at the end,” an adviser said. Those voters, always wavering about Clinton, were simply turned off at the end. “

So the guy who got her off the hook is now the villain of her election loss. Fizzled?

Podesta blaming a hostile press is so rich. He really did say that.The hostile press which were kind enough to share the debate questions with her. And the media who made cute bio-documentaries showing her in a Mother Teresa light. Then all the press that ran stories with lists of supporters, from military to Republican officials, who endorsed her as the right choice. That hostile press corp. She even finishes her race with a scandal.

3 comments on “Throwing Comey Under The Bus

  1. drrik says:

    The alternative, that there are fundamental flaws in what they are offering, would essentially destroy their world, their raison detre.

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  2. Just Gene says:

    Was he given a choice – resign or — what’s there other method?

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  3. the unit says:

    Well they gave him the perfect answer for when his grandchildren ask “What did you do to contribute to the preservation of America? 🙂

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