Political overload: it’s everywhere

The momentum of political speak — protests, lectures, and political correctness — has built to an all time high. Is anywhere politics free? Seems All lines have now been crossed.

If you go to a football game, chances are you could be treated to a political message of some kind. “Bend a knee if you agree” to dissent. Go to a dinner and you might find protestors lined up somewhere along the way. Go to any community event, people may complain about the state of politics or about the “nasty election” season.

Turn on TV to watch some comedy relief and you could be inundated with a political narrative — funny or not depending on the comic’s political point of view.

Now if you spend the outrageous amount to see a Broadway play, they’ll kindly lecture you about politics and diversity. “We are the stormin’ norm now.” But don’t misunderstand it for a “conversation” because there is only one side with one point of view, theirs.

Have children in school? Well, they’ve already been lectured about global warming politics and that whole agenda. But now chances are your child may be encouraged to join the march against the duly elected president-elect. There could be counselors on staff to deal with students’ trauma and grief from the election.

Go to a basketball game just to know the owner(Cuban) is immersed in politics and currently boycotting the Trump hotels. Don’t be surprised what you may hear. Or you could be treated to gestures by players about Black Lives Matter. This is an issue alone, all-star players pushing a political agenda. (where are the days of just sports?)

Go to campus and you might hear or see an anti-Trump protest. It may institutionally support anti-Israel positions of the Left. Or it could be naming itself a sanctuary campus to harbor illegal aliens.

Going to church is always safe from politics or activism, right? Maybe not. You could be lectured about corrosive politics and “can’t we all just get along?” If its a liberal denomination, he or she might preach on the socialism of Jesus.

Work is usually a safe zone, right? But an international company announced if you support Trump, or don’t like their frequent anti-Trump statements, then you ought to resign.

Many people say Thanksgiving might be trigger zones for politics — if you can avoid the subject, which sort of depends on other family members cooperation or not.

And the youth today talk about trigger warnings from conservative points of view or Republican speakers. Trigger warnings about offensive “hate speech” are everywhere. So everyone else’s free speech must be curbed.

Any major event is now a political target for terrorism as well as the left. So there is politics of protest and politics of fear. Black Friday? What are all these people lobbying us for? It is mostly offensive to me but that doesn’t matter… the point is to force it on you. If we are offended it is called ‘free speech,’ while our dissent is called ‘hate speech.’

I haven’t even mentioned something as simple as watching the news, which really is more like non-stop political messaging now. Newscasts are littered with the liberals and talking points. And that innate bias in any coverage. Look at the newspapers at the store? Talk about triggering, outrage is in. Headlines are meant to inflame.

I thought the height was Pence going to a play and getting booed on the way in, then lectured before he can leave. Then he gets protested in the street. Spending all that money on tickets doesn’t prevent them from trying to ram their politics down your throat.

Now something as simple as driving to work or going to the store could turn you into a pawn in some leftist protest, caught in their web of “civil disobedience” and held hostage. Just don’t protest an abortion clinic. That will get you trouble. The Left is in a perpetual state of protest. Never mind how much it offends you or your freedom.

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